And The Winner is…

I hope everyone had a wonderful fun filled weekend!  I sure know I did.

I donated blood at work Friday.  Seriously one of my favorite things to do.IMG_4404

It started with Diggs have a GREAT baseball game Friday night!


They were warming up

Then our power went out and the County dispatched used some hilarious hashtags!  🙂IMG_4413

Dare and I racing on Saturday.  (He ran great…me not so much!  Recap up hopefully tomorrow)IMG_4419

Finding this hidden gem.IMG_4422

Sunday was a lake day with my parents and we hit up a water park on Monday.  Since we were very active in the water I didn’t take any pictures and I don’t feel bad about it.  The kids had a great time enjoying the weather and splashing around both days!

And the Winner to my Spartan Fit Giveaway is….



6 thoughts on “And The Winner is…

  1. Way to go on donating blood! I hate getting blood drawn, which I know is extremely selfish of me. I justify it by donating money, which I’m sure isn’t the same, but also still needed?

    That little lake area is so beautiful – it’s right out of a storybook!


  2. Oh my gosh racing the day after donating blood? Isn’t that a big no-no? Anyway, glad you had a great weekend!!


  3. Wow that little pond with all the grass looks amazing. So peaceful. Power going out is never fun but nice to see the dispatch was having a good time lol.

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