Discovering the Runner in Me

Two years ago yesterday I ran my first adult 5k.  It was the first race I had signed up for on my own….ever!  Prior to this, I had participated in one Warrior Dash prior to this race and I walked most of it and trudged slowly along for the rest.  It wasn’t a race, it was something fun to do with my sis.  It had been years since I ran a 5k…high school cross country to be exact.  I had been good too.  So to get out there again was scary.  You can read about my emotional day and how the race went for me here.  I seriously still get emotional about that day.  It changed something inside of (1)

So why am I bringing it up today?  Well, this Saturday morning, I will toe that line again.  I am going back to where it all started and pushing myself to be competitive.  In 2014, I finished the race in 34:42 by walk/running (more like plodding) but I finished nonetheless.  I stayed after and listened as they handed out awards.  I heard times of 26 minutes xx seconds and 24:xx in awe that these woman were able to run this course that fast.  How I too wanted to be able to do that someday.  Well Saturday I will!!  At least that’s the

I remember feeling so little, so slow, so not runner like after hearing these times.  It lit a fire deep down inside me.  Something that made me want to set goals and achieve them.  So I did.  I started expanding my racing horizon and pushing myself more than I had in a very long time.  I started looking at races differently.  Started training harder, studying the system, how to run better, what to wear/eat/drink/think etc.  I got faster.  I started placing at local races.  My confidence grew.  🙂selfconfidence-is-the-first-requisite-to-great-undertakings-quote-1

Now two years later, I have recovered from an injury that had me out of the running game for months and am running stronger than ever.  To set my goal for this race was hard.  It is just a 5k, but that isn’t truly how I look at it.  I do not like 5k’s…they hurt!  🙂  So with much apprehension I give you my goal for this race…24:42.  Do I think this is achievable?  Absolutely.  Will I have to work hard for it?  Yep!  But to go to a race that I ran two years ago and best my time by a full 10 minutes.82608d616be8236948f1e3539033acfd

Well, that would be nice.  But what I really want to do…I want to be that person that they call up to hand an award too, not because of the medal or glory.  But because I want to do for someone else, what those women did for me in 2014.  I want to have that person watching, that is embarrassed to run in front of their friends, that doesn’t have the self image they should, I want them to be inspired.  To help change their lives.  To be to someone else now, what I needed so badly then.  That motivation, that reason to set new goals and not be scared!  If I don’t place or hit my minute goal…I will be ok with that.  I can’t have all good races.  But every day I do get to run is a good day!  🙂



Who was/is your inspiration?

Is there any one race that has more significance than others to you?  Why?

8 thoughts on “Discovering the Runner in Me

  1. You’re awesome! So cool that you stood there and made that goal for yourself. Very inspiring.
    I never had that experience as I started running on a treadmill and never ran a race until I was comfortable running outside. I didn’t really know about races until I heard about a half marathon from someone at work and thought to give it a go. The rest is history 😉


  2. I love your reason for wanting an AG award…I’ve never thought about it that way. I honestly don’t see myself as competitive or fast enough to place, so I don’t put much thought into it. But I do love hearing the finishing times of the winners; it’s very motivating and awe-inspiring! I never thought that being on the podium could mean I’m inspiring others!

    I think your goal is lofty but doable, which makes it perfect! If you fight hard and let your emotional connection to this race help fuel you, you’re sure to kick serious butt this weekend!!

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    • Thanks Ali! I hadn’t thought about it like this until it came to sign up for this particular race. I just have so many vivid memories of it and how it changed me mentally as a runner.


  3. I still love my very first race. I volunteered for it for years before I was ever a runner and back then it was USATF certified and had a decent cash prize so it drew a fast crowd. It was so awesome watching those runners cruise by! Good luck!!

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    • It is the one thing I love to look back on. Being able to see the change over time! She will love being able to see the growth in her running! Such a great motivating feeling!


  4. How sweet that you want an award because you want things to come “full circle”. I think you will do awesome and crush your goals this weekend, you have been on a roll lately!


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