2 Years ago Today…my life changed

Today’s post is short and sweet.

2 years ago today I went for my first run (okay not first ever but you get the point).  I could barely make it a half a mile and I finally got back home with around 1 mile of a walk/run completed.  It was hard, I struggled and at the same time it was life changing.  I went again each day afterward and completed my first 5k, 6 days later.  (I am running this same 5k on the 28th!!)

Since then I have run in the cold, heat, wind, and rain.  Made it through sickness and injury.  I have completed 14-5k’s, 7-10k’s, 6-Half Marathons, 3 relay events and other random challenges.  I have run trails and roads, with friends and without.

The last two years has changed who I am and what I am becoming.  I can now run confidently and with purpose.  I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision that day to step outside and try to run again.  It really has made my life what it is today.


17 thoughts on “2 Years ago Today…my life changed

  1. I always look back and laugh, if someone told me years ago that I would be a “runner” I would have laughed in their face lol. Congrats on the pleasure that is a running lifestyle .

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  2. You’ve come a long way! I’m an ex-smoker too. I gave it up 29 years ago and that’s when I first started getting serious about running. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog even if you do bash my home state of Indiana every now and then. (Grew up in Muncie but lived all over the place as an adult.) Congratulations on your accomplishments.


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