A Week of Workouts

Usually on Monday I would post my Weekend Wrap Up…But I am not doing that this week.  I want to recap last weeks workouts  and let y’all know how my running is going now that I am back with a regular running plan.  And of course I will add in those life like details that happen also!  🙂

But first and foremost it is …..IMG_4340


I had my first start of the week planned out run!  Went out for 5 beautiful miles with a friend of mine.  She lives in my old stomping grounds in Indiana so it was nice to be back out in the middle of nowhere.  We got drizzled on a little so I did not get my phone out at all.  I kind of like the peace it brought!


So the cool/uncool part about last week.  I got to do a lot of cross training.  Which meant for me I got to get out my bike.  First, I had to fix it.  Second, I own a mountain bike. I didn’t buy it myself.  My ex husband picked it up one day a few years ago so it is by no means ideal to cross training on roads.  I headed out and rode for around 40 minutes with my kids.  We had a ton of fun!!  Kevin also gave me a few of my favorite things today!  He knows the secrets to keeping me happy for sure!  ❤



I rode again on my bike but had to make sure to get my legs moving a little faster!  I rode for around 45 minutes which let me finish just in time to get Dare to his LAST track meet of the season and as a middle schooler.  He did AWESOME!  He won all 3 of the events he took part in…High Jump, 800 meter run and the 4×800 relay.  He killed it in all 3!  He ran a PR in the 800 and jumped a PR also.  It was really a great day for all the kids out there!  Diggs had his first baseball game but since I was coaching the kids at high jump, Kevin took Diggs and said he did GREAT!  They won also!  🙂  My boys had a good day in sports!


I met with a friend for a 5 mile run.  She hasn’t been running recently so she only went the first 3 miles with me and I finished up the other 2 on my own.  We got rained on a tad and had some really great conversation.  I am really enjoying being able to connect with others while I run at times.  I will never ask anyone to go with me during an intense workout (except Dare) due to not wanting to change my pace or hard portions to accommodate others.  Selfish right?  Oh well!  I have to push myself!  🙂


Once again I hopped on the bike for another round of riding.  This time though it really gave me some problems.  I am pretty sure my kiddos have messed up the sprockets to the point I will not get them straight enough.  Every few feet it would try and change gears.  😦  Guess I need to start looking into different bikes.  After a good ride I got around and we headed to the ball diamond!  Diggs had his second game of the season and they kicked some serious butt!  Final score was 10-0.  The boys really looked good out there and had a lot of fun at the same time!  <–to me that is key!


REST DAY!!  We really did rest a lot!  Dare and I watch Desert Runners and then I did the mom/responsible adult thing and went grocery shopping!  🙂desert-runner-title


I loved this run so so so much!  I did recruit Dare to go with me also!  I got to do a Fartlek and man did it feel good to get my legs moving!!  🙂  Since Dare was with me when we did the harder intervals he would go his pace and I would go mine.  When we would slow back down he would wait for me and go my pace and talk.  I’m not going to lie though, seeing him in front of me made me push harder so he didn’t leave me completely in the dust!  The wind was pretty fierce at times so by the time we were done we were both pretty tired!  🙂  He really is the best running partner EVER!  Every time I run with that kid he pushes me!

This week is going to be a busy one!  I have a full week of workouts ahead of me and baseball games…lots of baseball games!!  I promise I will do a better job with pictures this week!  🙂





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