What’s Next?

What’s next?  That always seems to be the big question you get from people after you finish the race you have been training for.  They always want to know what you have planned and how you are going to get there.images

First and foremost, I want to find the fun in this sport for me again.  I lost a lot of fun while I wasn’t running last year and I want to get some of that back.  Just being able to go out and enjoy each run to its fullest.  This last training cycle was awful for that.  I struggled.  I ran no further than 8.61 miles due to just mentally not being in the game.  Physically I am so much more capable!  But without my head in it, I won’t let myself physically show it!  I feel a lot of this was due to the pressure of me making my own plan, holding myself accountable, and not having anyone else really in the know as to what I was doing.

What does this all mean?  First, I am in the process of starting to work with a coach.  Someone that can push me and help me find the best runner in me.  Help hold me accountable and make sure I have a plan that will work for me!!  He will be including strength training that I so desperately need and has already been great at communicating about how he does things and what kind of runner I am.81bbc36950d641b0b4f7f1cd649c325e-1    Second, I am going to run a few small races while training.  Nothing major just a 5k here or 10k there but they are ones that mean a lot to me and it always gives me a nice boost of confidence to know I can perform well at these distances.  I am hoping when I run these I also improve enough to where I can make sure my goals for my next big race are realistic.  I tend to doubt what I am capable of a lot.  I am also going to be pacing a half marathon in July and doing a OCR in June but only for fun.  Nothing that will be too hard or strenuous.  These last two are specifically something I am doing so I can just have a day with friends and experience the races in a different way (non-competitively).

Now that I have the fun covered the hard work needs to come forward!  I have become much better at pushing myself when I am being held accountable.  BUT, I do tend to underestimate what I can do.  For example, just a couple of weeks ago I had to run mile repeats.  I ran them at 8:13 pace and they “felt hard“, in reality they were hard I just wasn’t mentally thinking I could do that for more than one mile.  <–This was on a Tuesday.  That Saturday, I ran my last 5k.  I averaged 8/min miles and didn’t feel like I was pushing.  So am I capable of more?  Yes!  I just need to believe in myself a little bit more and know that I can do hard things!!!!  It is ok to run and get tired!  It is supposed to be hard!  But if I can run a sub-2 half on half ass training, what am I capable of if I actually do things to my full potential???running-excuses

So my next goal race….The Air Force Marathon on September 17th.  I have looked at this course more times that I should have already and I know what to look for.  I know where the hills are, what kind of weather it usually has and how much of it is considered “boring”.  My training cycle will be starting soon and I am going to run the hell out of it!  I am done with excuses, done with not pushing myself and done with letting myself mentally lose!  🙂




10 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Sounds like a great next challenge. And far enough away so you can have a bit of a break as well. My next goal race isn’t until October. I’m doing bits and pieces in between but nothing goal-orientated.
    Did you enjoy the coach thing that you did with Muncher Cruncher?


    • I loved the plan for the most part but when you pay for something and don’t get what you were thinking you would it is a little disappointing. I feel that when I had questions it took forever to get replies. I tried to get flexibility for my run schedule and didn’t get too many answers on it. So I liked it but wouldn’t do it again, not for that cost anyway.


  2. I know that feeling, I’ve lost the fun before. For me trail running always gets me back to why i love running. I think getting a coach is a great idea, many people suggest that for me and I have yet to make that jump. I also think the small races will bring back some of the fun. The atmosphere and the people always remind me how all journeys are different and everyone is running for a million different reasons.

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    • Getting a coach really has made a difference for me in the past. But I have a feeling this time will be different due to a much different style that I think will work much better for me in the long run.
      It is always something hard for me to commit too but even though I know I could get through this cycle on my own, I will do it better with a coach. For you, maybe it would help pin down what happens near the end of marathons and help you break through! 😉
      Small races are great for that! Such a different atmosphere! I have made a lot of friends at races like that! 🙂


  3. Ah, yes! What’s next is what I’m asking myself. I’ve been training for so long that I’ve given myself permission to enjoy some cross training. Push yourself, you’ll be amazed but then sometimes I believe you have to run slower to run fast. Whatever the case, just have fun!


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