Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was pretty uneventful.  The kids and I hung out at home, no running, no going places just good old time spent at the house.  I needed that.  And a glass of wine! 😉IMG_4309

Saturday involved me fixing every bike we own.  Diggs my 12 year old likes to break things!  haha!  He doesn’t do it intentionally but he is very rough on stuff.  So last fall he destroyed Dares rear tire, his rear tire and the chain on my bike.  So we made a quick trip to the store to get everything I needed to repair them.  I learned to fix bikes when I was young.  The neighbor guy (Vic) showed all of the kids on the street how to take our bikes apart and put them back together.  So I can literally disassemble a bike (all of it, even the little things) and put it back together no problem.  I never thought the skill would come in handy until I had boys!  🙂   Anyway, I got everything back together and got to head out for a bike ride with KK.  We just rode about a mile and a half but it was very needed girl time!IMG_4316

We also hit up the local froyo shop for the first time since they reopened this spring.  They are now doing the cash only thing which deters me from going since I rarely carry cash.  IMG_4318

Sunday was pretty calm.  We were all up early and I decided I didn’t want to keep watching their kid tv and made and executive call on what we would watch.  I signed into Netflix and searched for Prefontaine.  Dare loved it, he was actually looking up facts on Pre while watching the movie.  We did a lot of cleaning and running around getting groceries and such throughout the day also.  Dare will be made about this one (sorry son) but he wanted to get points for some app he has and it required him to take selfies with friends.  I was more than happy to make dumb faces with him for it!  🙂IMG_4319


Did you have a neighbor as a kid teach you anything?

Favorite froyo topping?

Running movie?



6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. I wish we had froyo around where I lived. It’s such a rarity in the UK. Usually just in the big cities and really mainly London. It’s just not a big thing here – probably because of the weather and people will prefer traditional ice cream *sighs*. Looks tasty!


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