Lets Get Personal

In May of 2014 my life changed in a huge way.  First, on 5/2/2014, I quit smoking.  Then comes the important day…May 18th 2014.  I went for my first run.  It hurt, I couldn’t breath, and I wanted to quit.  But I pushed through it and did the same thing again the next day.  A couple days later I signed up for my first 5k.  You can read about all of this here.  Even now when I read that post, I get emotional.  I can still feel how I felt and it makes me realize how much I have grown as a person/runner since then.  🙂

So, May is a big month for me and unless you know me personally or perused old blog posts  you probably wouldn’t have known that.  Now that it is that time of year again and I am healthy/injury free, I have something I need to do.  I need to head back down to the Nun Run and race.  I need to take the people that care with me, enjoy the experience as a runner and push myself to perform in a way I didn’t understand then.

I repeatedly fought with myself about how judged I would be if I walked.  How people may laugh at me.  I was embarrassed to be out there, didn’t want to show my face, wasn’t truly proud of the life changing things I was trying to do.  So now, as I look back, I can truly say that the last 2 years of my life wouldn’t have been even close to the same had I not went to little old Huntington Indiana that morning and run.

I feel like I owe it to myself to improve on this course.  To show myself that the shy, scared to death girl that ran two years ago, is now a strong, capable women that will put herself out there.  Willing to fail, willing to let people see me do it and also knowing that I won’t.  Knowing that if I run the slowest race I ever have or the fastest, there is still something to be proud of every time I lace up.

What does all this mean???  Well I guess it means, after I finish up my week off that I am forcing myself to take.  I need to get some speed work in and kick some ass while doing it!

Have an absolutely fantastic Thursday!!!!






11 thoughts on “Lets Get Personal

  1. Good for you Staci! Smoking is such an awful, disgusting habit and it makes me so sad when I see people addicted to it. I’m really happy for you that you had the strength to quit and improve your lifestyle. Now go kick some butt!


  2. I love when you can look back and see that a certain time of year was a big change, and then every year after it helps motivate you into gear! I didn’t know you used to smoke – congrats on quitting and starting a healthier lifestyle!! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


    • Smoking was one of the worst things I’ve ever done. I never liked it and didn’t want too but sometimes the people around can really mud up your life. That happened to me.


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