Racecation: Georgia Day 2

Friday started off with the infamous hotel breakfast of waffles and cereal!  I tried to stomach some of their coffee but honestly it was horrible!!!  After everyone had their stomachs full and bodies clean we headed out for a day of exploring.IMG_4218

First up we heading to a near by town to check out a place called Prater’s Mill.  Well, it wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be.  The website showed something we could tour and look at.  All we got was a place we could walk around and a bunch of locked up buildings that were infested with bee’s.


It turned out ok though, it gave the kids a chance to run around outside which they needed!!


Second, we headed to downtown Dalton.  The kids wanted to checkout the Depot and we headed in.  They had a lot of stuff from World War II on display.  The kids took their time checking it all out.

Outside was a train car they could climb on, so they got their fix!


Diggs outfit cracks me up, I tried to make him change!

Right next door there was a Moonshine distillery.  We started to go inside but the smell was so strong it almost instantly gave me a headache so we passed!IMG_4236

By this time the kids were hungry again so we went to the Bucking Burrito and got some serious food.


These nachos were on point

We headed out of Dalton back toward Chatsworth to stop at the Chief Vann House.


This house was owned by Cherokee Chief James Vann and later by his son Joseph.


It was later taken over by whites as they pushed the Cherokees out of Georgia along the Trail of Tears, following the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

The entire place was loaded with history and a very interesting items.  The kids loved it as they have learned about the Trail of Tears in school and got to see parts of what happened.

They also stated that President Monroe had stayed in the house once which my kids found fascinating as he would be their Great (5) Grandfather.  lol!

After leaving the Vann house is was time to relax for awhile before we got to pick up our race bibs and t-shirts.IMG_4262

We met back up with my Irun4 buddies family, grabbed some dinner and headed to the top of Fort Mountain.IMG_4263

The views are just beautiful!  This is also where the race was starting so it was nice to finally see it.  I was very puzzled though.  The RD sent an email out stating that they had us running 3.5 miles on top of the mountain.  But we couldn’t figure out where!IMG_4264

When the kids were done playing and the temps started to drop we headed back down into town and went back to the park.  The kids loved being able to run around and play!  I am so so so glad that my buddies family is so fun!  I couldn’t have been paired with a better family!  We all got along great!!


Soon enough it was late and time to get to bed.  I knew I was already off from my normal pre-race routine but this wasn’t going to be a normal race anyway!  So I was just going with it!  🙂




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