Racecation: Georgia Day 1

This morning we headed out dark and early…this meant waking everyone up at 3:30am to start our long drive across the country to Georgia!!  Kevin and I took turns and each drove about half way, for a total of around 10 driving hours and a couple pits stops for bathrooms and food.

When we arrived to Chatsworth, first things first, I wanted to see the race course.IMG_4206

So I had Kevin head up the road toward Fort Mountain State park.


I tried to get the boysto take pics with me….they refused!

It was gorgeous!  We didn’t go all the way to the top before we turned around but plan on going back tomorrow to see the rest.  Kevin took some really great photos!  He doesn’t know I stole them!  😉

After we got checked in to our hotel, we lounged around for a bit then Dare and I headed for a run.  It was hot!  Back home in Michigan we have only had about 50 degree weather lately.  Today in Chatsworth it was 83…just a tad different!  🙂IMG_4207

Since there is no better way to see a city than to run through it we tried to make it a little adventure and see a few things around town.

This is a view of the start of the last mile of the race course.


I’m running down the mountain on the right…the last mile starts at the curve in the road

When we got back from our run we showered and then met up with my IRun4 buddy and his family for dinner.  This was awesome.  I didn’t take any pictures at all as I just wanted to focus on being in the moment with them for the first time.   After dinner they took up to a local recreational area that had a killer play area for kids!  All the kids had a blast running around and playing until around 9:30 before KK started wanting to head back to the hotel.

Right now everyone else is tired and laying in bed.  Of course I am sure I am irritating them all with the clicking of the keys!  I will update you guys again soon on this trip!  So far it has been amazing!!!




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