Decisions, decisions…

Closing in on race day is always fun.  Especially when travel is involved.  I have so much on my mind!

The last long run.  I might move this run up to tonight, I have some things going on this weekend and don’t want to take chances.  But I may not…I guess I will see around 5pm!  🙂IMG_2909

What to pack?  It takes a lot of planning to take all of your stuff, your kids stuff and make sure your bf has all his stuff for a road trip across the country!  🙂  We are going from Michigan to Georgia.  It is only about a 10 hour drive, however, with kids that translates into 10 hours of driving and 12,654 stops.  Also, feeding two boys (pre-teen/teen) on the road, is something to be planned for!  I am not going to feed them junk fast food and stop every two hours for this.  My daughter is 8 she will be content with her iPod for the most part, food to her is secondary.IMG_4057

Which shoes should I race in?  I consistently wear my Launch 2’s when running long, but I prefer my Connects.  I will most likely wear my Launch 2’s due to more heel cushioning and the elevation loss.  I have a feeling this might help save my legs.  Trashed quads are not something I want or look forward too so preventative measures are in the works!!

Pre-race/post race meals.  I don’t want to get there and not know where to go to get what I need to have for dinner before or after the race.  I have been doing lots of research to find what places have the kinds of food that sit well with me while running.  I also have a pretty sensitive belly after I race.  It usually takes awhile for things to settle down so I eat pretty cautiously or I will be in pain for a couple days!  I have found a few restaurants that look pretty worthy. IMG_2781

Don’t forget to tell the school.  I am pulling my kids out of school for two days next week so we can get down to Georgia early.  The race is Saturday, we are leaving early Thursday.  I keep meaning to let the school know but haven’t remembered to do so yet.  Maybe I should write a note to myself?IMG_1422

House sitter!!  I have talked to my nephew about staying at my house while we are gone.  My dogs need someone to feed them right?  He said he would but he is anti cell phone right now so I need to stop by his place to talk to him about the final arrangements.IMG_2867

Which flavor of fuel do I want to use?  I am going to go with Gu since this is just a half, and I can handle it for that.  When I hit marathon training this will change.  But seriously, which flavor?  Tri berry?  Salted watermelon?  Salted caramel?  Hmmm….gu-energy-gels-flavors

So I am going to try to figure these out over the next couple of days.  I want to be all packed and ready by Tuesday evening so Wednesday all I have to do is relax and finalize any small bits.

What is your best tip for runners travel for a race?






8 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. Omg the salted caramel flavour is delicious! I actually had a citrus flavour Clif one at the Boston marathon and it was delicious, like lemon pudding. What even is plain like!? That sounds disgusting!!
    Fingers crossed your drive went OK! Ridiculous amount of driving! :-O


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