Life Ramblings…

Only 10 more days.  This makes me anxious.  I can’t wait to be down in Georgia and see what I am capable of.  I have had a very unsettling last couple of weeks of training.  With track and baseball in full swing, running has well…been difficult.  This post is a little disjointed and kind of just thought to keyboard so I might ramble a bit!  🙂

I am having to run at different times, different days and have missed a few runs.  My training has been good though.  During my runs I am hitting the paces I want to hit, but still anxious.  Not nervous or worried about completing it.  I know I can run the half.  I know I will run it well for the most part unless something really goes wrong.  But it has been a long time since I have run a half and been healthy.  October of 2014 to be exact.  I have participated in half marathons healthy since then but not run one on my own.  For me.  That’s where the anxiety comes in.  Can I run as good as I did then?  Can I run better?  Will the downhill kill my quads?  Have I trained enough hills?   I will find out next week!


Life contemplation…

I have always been very confident in running a race.  Knowing what time I will run, how it will feel, etc.  This time I don’t know.  This unknown is really unfamiliar with me.  I kind of like it.  I want to (and should) PR.  I just need sub 9:18 for that and well….if I don’t do that, I will be disappointed.  I am not going to lie.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well and since my training has been getting a bit scrambled I worry that come race day my legs are just not going to hold up the way I want them too.  I plan on not really checking my Garmin at all.  I don’t want to control my pace through technology.

The course is 5 miles of slight rolling terrain, 7 miles down the mountain, and one very rolling mile to the finish.  I just don’t want my legs to fall off and have the last mile be disastrous!  This will be the first race Kevin has ever been at to watch me finish.  He was at Kal-Haven but it was a relay and I ran my part and he saw me run that but….this is still different to me.  I don’t want to fail in front of my kids and him.  And by fail I mean not perform my best…which could happen but I want to finish strong!  lol!  Yep…I think too much!  🙂

So training….like I mentioned earlier I have been hitting my paces, but its my weekly mileage I haven’t been hitting.  I have been so busy helping with track, I only ran twice last week.  And I pushed my “long” run from Saturday to Sunday.  This is unlike me.  I don’t deviate or change things.  So I have run a ton less miles that I should have for the month.  How will this change race day?  What fitness have I lost?  Endurance?  Speed?  Or was the little break good for me?  Hmmmm…what do you think?  I am undecided at this time.  My training for the rest of this cycle should be normal but I am still wondering.


Another track practice….



KK was a good helper!

Thoughts like this don’t creep in until I start running.  Sunday and yesterday both consisted of me starting off my run with my legs just feeling very heavy.  My head wasn’t in either of them but I knew I needed to get shit done.  So I kept going and things felt better as time progressed.  My legs never feel heavy when I start to run but these last two were awful.  I am hoping that as my training gets back to normal that goes away and I can relax.  On a good note once they loosened up, hard wasn’t so hard anymore.  🙂

Last thought for you…my legs have been swelling just a slight bit each day at work (I sit all day).  I think this could be part of why they felt heavy when running?  I have had this in the past but it come and goes.  Darn unactive office life.  😦




8 thoughts on “Life Ramblings…

  1. I think that as we scramble to prepare for races we forget one very, very important thing: racing is 90% mental, and 10% physical. We worry so much about the physical part that we forget the fact that if our mental strength isn’t there, all the training in the world means nothing. Confidence and guts go a long way in racing.

    I understand these feelings – we all get them before races. Nerves are just a normal part of the experience, and since running naturally attracts more Type-A personalities, overthinking and overanalyzing are also common. We think that we’ll lose fitness after a few missed runs but we won’t. A yoga instructor once said to me “your mind will give up before your body does.” I always remember that during races when the final miles get hard: it’s not my body trying to give up, it’s my mind. Racing is hard. It’s always hard. But you can do it.


    • I just told someone that your body is stronger than your mind last night…you would think I would take my own advice! Alas, I do not. You are right though…darn type A! Thanks for the reminders Hanna!


  2. Darn inactive office life for sure! Sometimes my legs swell too if I don’t walk around enough during the day and that always contributes to my legs feeling heavy at the start of a run. Sometimes it takes them a good 20 minutes to loosen up, thus confirming that a lifetime of sitting will be the end of us!

    According to Hansons you would not really have lost any fitness by taking a couple of easy days off last week! Our bodies only really lose significant (3-5%) of physiological gains after 10 or more days of zero running! You are going to be totally fine and get that PR!


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