My Week in Memes

This week has been interesting so far, I have had some good workouts but also been very busy since baseball and track both are in full swing now!  I felt this to be a very accurate explanation of my week thus far!


It’s not my fault it decided to snow before the race!  😉


They were actually 1.5 mile repeats and they hurt!  My paces were right on target though!!


I survived but it wasn’t easy!  I helped at the High School track meet for awhile.  It was fun to be there and watching them work toward their goals.


Worked with Dare on high jump, had to explain to some of his teammates that the big mat is really used for stuff!  🙂  He is doing well so far this year.  His first meet is Saturday so we will see if he is on point then!!

How has your week been?  

Did you ever participate in track?  If so, what events?


4 thoughts on “My Week in Memes

  1. LOL re: the mat! That is awesome that their first meet is this weekend. I hope they have fun!

    LOL (again) re: mile repeats. I am happy your 1.5s went well! I have 2×2 to do… I think I will put it off until tomorrow. So horrible!!!


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