Time For Change

With the support of the amazing people in my life, I bring you This Girl Runs.  I am more excited than ever to get this site where I want it!!

Since it has been quite some time since we have moved back to Michigan I felt it was time to pull the trigger on a blog change.  I needed something fresh and new to fit who I am now vs who I was then.

Hoosier Running Mom started when I was trying to push everything about my life into running.  This was partially due to the failing marriage I was in.  I had to focus on something so running became that something.  I ran as much as I could and then needed a way to talk to someone about it.  So HRM was born.  I could write and have feedback without negative things being said or felt.

That being said I decided awhile ago I needed to change not only the name (since I am no longer a Hoosier) but also the look.  I want to be able to highlight who I am in the moment.  Whether that be good, bad or ugly, I want it to be real.  This site will continue to have my very own thoughts and opinions.  I want to keep it honest.  I want to reflect who I am in each post so that you get to know who I really am, not some personality I portray on the internet!



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