60’s, snow and sunshine

Last week I talked about wanting to run more by feel.  So I made sure that I gave it a good attempt during my tempo run on Wednesday.  I had a 1 mile warm up then headed into the 6 tempo miles.  Now when I refer to tempo I am just wanting to put these in and around race pace.  So to run them by feel I pushed just a little past the comfortable stage.  I ran an out and back, the first half straight into the wind (ugh it was not fun).  I didn’t look at my watch.  Not once.  I listened for the beeps as each mile past but I was fighting the wind and cold due to the strength of it so I just let myself go.  At the halfway point, I turned around and had the wind to my back.  The crappy part is now I couldn’t feel the wind so I was HOT.  It was 60° and sunny while I was running but being cold with the wind in my face didn’t help me feel comfy on the return portion.  Needless to say, I was happy I wore shorts and a short sleeve top!!  I kept pushing through and although I was tired from fighting the wind and my legs were still feeling the hills from 2 days before I felt like I was keeping a pretty steady pace.  At one point my mind started to get to me.  At this very point where I was doubting pulling off a 6 mile tempo run, a new song came on…I actually laughed out loud.  It was Eminem’s “Till I Collapse”.  If you don’t know the song it starts off with Eminem talking and he says this…
‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired, you feel weak
And when you feel weak you feel like you want to just give up
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up
And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you want to just fall flat on your face and collapse”
Seriously, how much more perfect could that have worked out for me??  I pushed through and ended up with all my miles right where I wanted them to be pace wise and they only varied by 10 secs between the slowest and fastest.
Including a slow w/u and c/d

Thursday I ran 4 easy miles and it just so happened to start raining while we were out running.  I knew it was supposed to so I wasn’t too worried about it.  We missed the downpour and just had a light rain the entire run.  It was still warm out so it didn’t feel bad.  The miles felt good but could tell my legs had worked hard earlier in the week.

Then we get to Saturdays “long run”.  I originally had it slated for 10 miles.  I got in 8.  First, it was about 40° when we left and a light flurry…yes it was snowing?  Michigan!  About about a half mile in the snow started falling harder and visibility was getting low.  Less than 2 miles in looked like this….
The flakes of snow were huge

We were doing another out and back since visibility wasn’t great at this point and decided to cut it short to stay closer to town and avoid being out in the cold that was now hitting us too long.  When we turned around the wind and snow were now in our faces.  Dare was pulling his hoodie over his face to try and keep the icy pieces hitting his face from hurting too much, and I was just trying to keep my eyes open to vehicles coming our way.  The snow was now these huge flakes with small icy pieces and the wind was pretty strong.  We were having a great time but the wind chill was getting to our bones just a bit.  We got back to the house and both got our soaking wet clothes off immediately to warm up and an hour later, this…..

No snow at all, not even on the ground??

What the hell Michigan…what the hell?

Last weeks recap:
Sunday: REST
Monday: 4 miles, Downhill repeats
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday: Tempo Run 6 miles (8 total)
Thursday: 4 Easy miles
Friday: REST
Saturday: 8 miles
Total: 24 miles
Have you had any crazy weather recently?

2 thoughts on “60’s, snow and sunshine

  1. I am hoping it helps at races. I am running Kal-Haven this weekend so I will have another small test run before my half.
    I think all the surrounding states have kind of sucked recently weather-wise.


  2. Ha ha ha! Your wacky weather week sounds EXACTLY like mine – the annoying wind then too hot, the missed downpour, and the odd sun and snow. Illinois and Michigan must have been very similar this week!

    Yay for meeting your tempo! I like to run off feel most of the time and ignore the splits too (except during speedwork). I am hoping it will help me at races!


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