First track practice, a week running

The last week has been nothing short of busy.  Being busy is a good and bad thing for me.  I love it because I am getting things done and accomplished but at the same time, I don’t have time for the things I like to do…like put some details about my great life on the internet!  haha!
Work gets busier at the end of the month trying to make sure we are ready for me to get all the reports done for the big guys.  So last week was all about prepping for that!  Which made running well….amazing!
Last night Dare had his FIRST track practice of the season.  Needless to say, he was less than impressed.  He said they ran for about 5 minutes around the gym.  He was mad, very mad.  He also said they were teaching static stretches and showing some dynamic stretches(I think he said 4) but he said that the coach told them things were going to be a lot like football?  He didn’t like this either.  His big complaint….the coach said that track is running for 5 minutes then just hanging out and having fun the rest of the time.  He was like mom, I love track but you can’t just hang out and have fun or you don’t get better!  You need to work hard to improve!  I can’t blame him, but I told him to give it a few more days maybe things will improve.  Regardless of how he feels he still needs to respect the coach.
Since they didn’t run he wanted to head out with me for my downhill repeats.  I work the downhills, he works the uphills.  4 miles and 354 ft of loss/gain later, he felt better.  My nephews also ran with us again so between Dare and them, I got my butt kicked.

This is a true, how I felt moment  🙂

It was a good start to a new week…since I neglected the blog let me fill you in on the last week.  My workouts for the last week have been a roller coaster ride!
Wednesday:  I had a 3 mile down hill training run.  It was freezing, drizzly rain and perfect.  Dare wanted to run so we headed out to a country road that had a nice hill to work on.  I have been changing what hills I run each time so that I get a varied amount of incline and length.  This hill is more like a valley (a 218 ft loss), it goes down and comes up on the other side.  So we warmed up and then I did multiple hard downs and up the other side easy.  It was hard and tiring but I loved every second of it.
Thursday:  I had a 3 mile easy run.  Turned into a 3.5 miles super easy need to get a stronger mind run.  I headed out the door not wanting to run.  I just felt mentally defeated, I also knew that after the first few minutes of running that would change, and it did.  I headed out to the middle school, parked my vehicle and headed down a country road.  Once again this route contained a lot of hills so that I can keep my legs guessing.  I took this run super easy and felt amazing afterward.  So glad I didn’t give in to my brain.
Friday: REST day!!!!!!  I needed it.  I had to get some things at the house done and my boys were gone for the night so Kevin, KK and I got dinner and hung out.  It was a much needed reality break and I am glad we have the opportunity to do things like this.
Saturday:  Long run??  Ok, not really…but sort of…Friday night a friend of mine said that a group was meeting to run 10 at 7 am.  So I got up, around and headed to meet them!  Turned out only a couple of us actually were ready and so we headed out.  This was a nice hilly route and we actually ran 9 miles instead of 10 but I hadn’t started my Garmin until a little ways in so I only have 8.57 tracked.  Oh well, it happens.  The run felt great!  It was nice and refreshing to be able to run with some ladies I hadn’t run with before.  We had a lot of fun and some good conversation.

Trying to dress bright…lol

Saturday night KK had a couple of friends over to celebrate her birthday and they had a lot of fun snooping in her brothers stuff!  He wasn’t thrilled.


Sunday:  No running, just family time!  We didn’t do anything above and beyond due to the holiday but we did enjoy time with each other.  I didn’t make any huge fancy meal but we eat well anyway so we had the usual.  It was still nice to have us all together.

The usual

Last weeks mileage totaled: 20.07…moving on up!  Five weeks of training left before Tear Drop Half Marathon!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “First track practice, a week running

  1. LOVE those leggings!! They look awesome.
    Ahh that totally sucks about your son's coach. How rubbish. Sounds like the coach doesn't have a clue. Least your son can do his thing with you though!


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