2016 Race Goals

I have been really thinking a lot lately about what I want to accomplish as a runner in 2016.  So of course, I have looked at about every single race held in my area of the country.  I have found what races I want to do and know how fast I want to run them.  I stated earlier this year that 2015 was pretty crappy for me so I want to share my plans for 2016.
I feel that I am a better runner now than before.  I am still not quite as fast but my speed is coming back slowly but surely.  I also haven’t really pushed it too hard either so maybe I’m fast than I think??  Let’s hope so!  🙂
I am going to race a little of all distances this year, some for fun and some to really see what I can do.  I plan a lot of things so I can use races as training runs or just have a lot of fun while out there.

Tin Can 5k

I ran this in 2014 and it is the place where I set my current PR.  I did this one week before my half PR also.  I had not been training for a 5k at all.  The course is a flat out and back with a small portion on “trail” its actual just a grass field but whatever! 🙂  The race is at the beginning of October each year and so long as cross country doesn’t interfere, I will be there again this year.  To set a new PR, this course is going to be mine!  🙂
Both 1st in AG 2014

Spruce Scoot 10k

This course is actually 50/50 trail vs road.  It runs through a Christmas tree farm at the beginning of December and is a ton of fun to run.  Last time I ran this I was just shy of my PR.  I also hadn’t trained at all, I used this race as a training run for The Huff that I was running a couple weeks after.  I know I could have done a ton better so this year.  I will.
Spruce Scoot start 2014

Half Marathon

I am not listing an actual race here for a reason.  I am running a half at the end of April which yes, I want to PR at but that isn’t the only one I want too.  It is downhill so of course it will probably be fast.  My PR is 2:02…I want to break 2 hours.  At this point, I feel I should.  However, I want to do that on a flat course also.  I want to break 2 hours on a course comparable to the one I originally PR’d on.  I find that only right.  PRing on a downhill course to me just isn’t the way I want to do it!  haha!  So I am in search of a race that will give me this opportunity without hindering any training I am doing for other races.**see below 🙂
My PR course…Detroit International


This is my big pie in the sky.  Last year my body couldn’t handle the training.  I ended up injured and had to take some serious time off.  I am working on getting myself into the right kind of shape so that I can get out there and run a full.  I know I am capable and have done several 20 mile training runs before so as long as I am smart about it, I will complete this goal.  I am not saying when or where just yet….that is a whole different post but everything I train for is going to be revolving around this goal.


In the meantime, I am working on becoming stronger and more efficient.  I want to have a lot of fun this year, I lost that last year.  I spent too much time not running for me and for the love of the sport!  I think my divorce, being a single mom and then starting to date all took a lot out of me.  I wasn’t focused on fun.  I ran when I could (without pain) just to relieve the stress that had built up over the course of it all.  Life is good now…actually it’s pretty darn great!  So why not use that as a reason to have a great year running too?!
What are your goal races this year?
What is your favorite Half course?

4 thoughts on “2016 Race Goals

  1. I am really keeping myself at ease this year. I want to be successful but want to stay healthy. Maybe a couple easy “races” but mostly have fun! You are a great runner so I am sure you will have an awesome year!


  2. Well for the half PR just make sure you absolutely smash your current PR to pieces 😉
    I think your focuses are spot on. Don't overload yourself with too many goals. Focus on a few and go to town on them. I have just one overriding goal: not to get injured this year. Other than that I'd like to run the two marathons I have in the diary. Everything else is added bonus!


  3. I'm sure you will crush your goals this year! If your PR is 2:02 a sub-2 is well within your reach! No matter how good the course or the weather or training is, a PR is never guaranteed, so it is always something to be proud of no matter where you get it. It means you ran a smart race! 🙂

    I have run 10 halfs and honestly, the only one I really liked was the one that ran through the different neighborhoods of our city. It wasn't the easiest course though, but it was the most fun and scenic. I have done some pretty boring half marathons.


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