A Downhill Half? Why not!

The last week has been a crazy one for me.  Due to some unexpected issues I had to take a couple days off running but went back at it yesterday!!  Boy oh boy could I tell I had missed four days worth of working out!!!!  I literally didn’t do anything over the weekend.  I spent three straight days on the sofa or in bed.  It wasn’t fun.  I was miserable.  Now that I am feeling better I am trying to get back to running with as little discomfort as possible.
Last night I changed, laced up my shoes and headed out the door not really know what to expect!  Dare and I ran to my sisters, snatched up my nephew and headed out!  The plan was to just run 5 miles total.  Since my sis’ is a half mile away we decided on 2 miles out and back.  I am not a big fan of out and backs but it worked for the night!
It was beautiful out!  40° and sunny ☼ with a slight cross wind.  We started off and just started talking.  I told them both I wanted to just run and get in the mileage.  5 miles later….

I hadn’t expected to have an average that low so I was happy with it for sure.  Best part is I never felt like I was working hard.  I had this same kind of run last Thursday, 4 wonderful miles that helped with a very very stressful day.  I needed it.  My soul needed it.

After I ran the kids were hungry, I was hungry and we needed food.  I was too lazy to change so I just threw on some shoes and headed out the door….anyone else do that?  People must think I have no sense of fashion at all!!

In other news, I had some very delicious strawberries over the weekend.  I could have eaten the whole bowl but I shared.  🙂

I am now 6 weeks out from my next half marathon.  I will be running the Tear Drop Half Marathon in Chatsworth, GA on April 30th.  It has a net elevation loss of over 2000 feet in the first 8 miles of the race with the last 5 miles being small rolling hills or flat.  For the next few weeks I am going to be doing a lot of hill running both up and down for most runs.  This along with some specific training on my quads and hamstrings.  To make sure my legs are complete trash when I get done with the first 8 miles.  Side note:  The downhill in the first 8 miles is listed at having anywhere between 5-10% grade.  <–wowzer!

Regardless of the course I am super excited to get down there!!  I am a part of the I Run 4 program and my  buddy lives in the area.  I am going to be able to meet him and race for him right in his own home area!  This is going to be great!!  If you aren’t part of the I Run 4 program check it out!  As a runner you get paired with a buddy (the wait is long) and then keep in touch with them via Facebook or any means that you choose.  You dedicate the miles you run to your buddy that will never be able to experience the love of running.  Seriously….check it out!

This week:

Sunday: REST
Monday: 5 miles √
Tuesday: HIIT/Strength Training
Wednesday: Downhill training
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: HIIT/Strength Training
Saturday: 9 miles
Total: 20 miles

Any tips for downhill running?
Are you a part of IR4?

7 thoughts on “A Downhill Half? Why not!

  1. Oh how cool! I've heard the Boston marathon is downhill-ish on the first few miles…the advice I was given was to hold back a bit and not go too crazy and it'll trash your quads. But lots of practice should help I think!


  2. Those are all very accurate statements. I am going to make sure I focus on my quads and IT Bands! I long running my long runs on hilly roads. For this race its even more important!
    Revel Canyon City looks like a fun race. I have checked it out before just never make it out to that area of the country.


  3. Hope you are feeling better!

    Man, that half sounds tough! Downhills are HARD!!!! Work those quads!!!

    Is this the first time you are meeting your IRun4 bud? That is awesome! I have a few friends who do the program 🙂


  4. Oh wow 10%!? That's insane! I ran the Revel Canyon City Marathon last fall and it was like 4-5% for the first half and a lot of people had IT band problems and trashed quads, but I really ended up with no troubles because I had trained downhill. Incorporate downhill strides and maybe some of your long runs if you can, especially work on taking light, short steps while striding downhill, and you'll be fine! Like Hanna said ^^, some people train regularly with the plan of having gravity pulling them downwards to a PR, but their legs haven't seen those faster paces held for more than a couple of miles max, add in the high impact and their legs are toast an hour in.

    I think downhill is fun! I'm going for another one in May, maybe a week after your race. Good luck on your downhill training.


  5. Nice job! It seems like your speed is coming back REALLY quickly!

    Best of luck on your half! I'm sure the elevation lost will lead to some serious speediness, but you are smart to train for downhills. A lot of people go into these types of races thinking they can just coast on free speed, but downhill running is deceptively tiring and presents its own set of physical challenges. You'll also want a smart pacing strategy – since the last 5 miles are no longer downhill, you don't want to start at a pace you can't maintain once the downhill stops.


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