Weekend Wrap Up and A Bad Run

Friday we didn’t leave the house, except for dinner, it was nice!!  I did have a few good snacks though!  🙂

I love this stuff!

Saturday Dare and I were going to run at 6:30am.  We didn’t leave the house until around 9!  Lazy days!!  This run was one of those ones that was just a struggle.  I am used to the first few minutes of a run feeling off.  This run, that feeling just didn’t stop for a while.  I felt tired, my legs felt heavy and I was just not having a good run day.  Our pace was right on target which was about the only plus.  The weather was beautiful.  Sun was shining and the temp was about 37°, although it felt much warmer due to that sun!  We talked, joked, tried to do anything to make the run better and finally when we got to mile 5, things felt…..good!  Mile 6 hit and it was not so great at the beginning but the second half was much better and mile 7 felt amazing!
This run was such a good run for many reasons.  First, I needed a bad run.  I have had a lot of good ones lately and sometimes these bad ones.  They help keep things in the right perspective.  I do need to be mentally tough.  I need to struggle so I can get stronger!  Plus, it made it easier to stay slow.  I am really trying to make sure I keep my long runs slow enough, it has been a struggle at times.
When we were done though, we sat outside in the sun for at least a good hour before finally heading in the house.  While we sat there talking I was drinking my Aminos and Dare recovered with left over blizzard from DQ.  Life of a kid!  🙂

He is hiding his blizzard

Then we got coffee!


We also stopped at my parents to take Dare’s dog Eddie out for a walk.  He is a 13 year old Golden Retriever.  He can’t hear at all and has a hard time getting around but going for a walk to the house next door and back is a big deal and he loves it!  You can see his eyes light up for those few minutes he can handle it.  He can’t go too far since he gets warn out quickly but my mom got him some new medicine that might help that out!

A boy and his dog

Both Diggs and KK were gone for the weekend.  So Kevin, Dare and I headed to Ft. Wayne for a night out.  We hit up the mall so I could get my eyebrows did…I get them threaded.  I love it!  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  It’s the best, though some say it hurts.  🙂
We went to Outback Steakhouse for some grub then to Regal Cinemas to watch London Has Fallen.  I am not a huge moviegoer so I truly thought sitting in the cushy recliner would put me to sleep.  Surprisingly the movie held my attention well enough, I stayed awake! <– This is actually a pretty big accomplishment!  My phone was dead and my camera was at home so I have no pictures at all of our night but it was fun.  It was real late when we got back home and I was ready to go to bed!

Last weeks recap:
Sunday: REST
Monday: Track ladder workout (lost mileage)
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday: Tempo Run 4.11 Miles
Thursday: 4.04 Easy miles
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: 7.33 miles
Total: 17 miles

Do you appreciate the bad runs?
Last movie you saw in the theatre?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up and A Bad Run

  1. I have a hard time appreciating the bad runs, I get dramatic and think my racing life is forever doomed. 😉 I like your perspective. It's so true that the bitter makes the sweet even sweeter! Running is such a learning journey.


  2. Great perspective! It's so true that sometimes you do need a bad run to make those good runs so much better. And one run doesn't define you so you know it's not really indicative of your running as a whole.
    Sounds like a great weekend 🙂


  3. I always think it's important to take the good and bad runs together. Without the bad runs, we don't feel as good for the good ones. I completely agree with you and we don't appreciate the good runs without the bad ones either.


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