First Track Workout of the Year!

Yesterday was my first Track workout of the year!!!  It was so nice to be able to get out on the track and really see if I had some speed in these legs again.

Since I started running again, I have done a handful of “speed” workouts.  They haven’t been too extreme but got my legs moving.  Yesterday, I pushed it.  I let my body really work for it.  I was supposed to do 4×400 repeats but have been running more than what my plan starts with so I added on just a bit and did a ladder workout instead.  In all in consisted of 1 x 1 mile, 2×400, 2×200 and 4×100 and a warm-up/cool down.  I had Dare and two of my nephews with me.  I know they are faster than me and that worked out well a couple of times.  I can’t touch Dare in the speed department so we played some rabbit during the 400’s.  He would give me about a 100m head start and then they would all try to catch me.  I had talked to the boys about pushing it but not going 100% so even though they were trying to catch me don’t overreach.

They understood this and tried to hunt me down.  I like running like this with Dare.  It makes me not give up or slow down because I am tired or hurting.  I have to keep pushing the pace I am at in hopes that he won’t get me.  It didn’t work.  He caught me about 4 feet before we finished….darn boys!!  For the 200’s and 100’s we all ran them together.  I am fairly speedy in short runs so they never got too far away from me.
My nephews were having a great time and I am really glad that they came with us.  They both love to run and will hopefully be in track this spring also.  As for me?  I did some things that I was both shocked and proud of.  First this happened…..

It has been awhile!

Then during each of my 400 repeats I was sub-6 pace.  For the 200’s I could hold sub-5 and the 100’s were all right around 4:20 pace.  I haven’t ran a sub 7 mile in over a year.  So being able to do that now shows that my strength training is really paying off.  I am able to push through and get it done.
I had the stats on my splits and accidentally deleted them instead of saving but I was really wanting to see them.  I know for some people these paces are normal and average.  But for me and what my last year has been like I am really really happy.  I know I have a lot of room to improve as I used to be a 400 runner and well.  5:40 pace wouldn’t have been any good.  So I want to work into getting them back into the low 4’s….am I too old for that now?  I guess there is always next week to see if I improve!! 
This workout was a huge confidence builder for me.  I have been very worried about speed and fear that my injury may flare up.  But no such thing happened!  I have a feeling this is going to be one AMAZING training cycle!!!

This week:

Sunday: REST
Monday: 3 miles @ approx. 7:13 pace
Tuesday: HIIT  
Wednesday: Tempo Run
Thursday: Conversation Pace
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: 7 miles “LSD” 

Total: 17ish miles

And does anyone else find random selfies of your children or SO’s on your phone???


Do you like running on the track?  I love how responsive it feels compared to the road!

If so, what is your favorite track workout?


6 thoughts on “First Track Workout of the Year!

  1. I love running on the track! There's just something about it that reminds me of running track in high school and feeling speedy (for me at least) that feels so good. And also hurts at the same time 😉 Great job in your workout!


  2. Those are amazing paces! Great workout! 🙂

    I do my speedwork on the roads, but it would be fun to run on the track from time to time! (Well, I do it on the indoor track sometimes but do NOT like it, ha ha).


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