TBT: Kal-Haven Relay Race Recap

In honor of throw back Thursday I am going to give a small recap of a race I got to participate in last year and will be running again next month:

The Kal-Haven Relay!!  

Monica, Molly, Me, Nikia, Steve (in back), Jenni, and Jade.

This race is a 33.5 mile course that can be run as an individual or with teams from 2 to 6 people.  Since I am not an ultra runner (yet) we had a group of 6!  The trail system goes from Kalamazoo to South Haven Michigan.  It is dirt and gravel with rolling hills.  Each person has a different length they run for each leg of the race.  

We got there early so we could pick up our packets and get ready to start off the race.  They let the ultra runners go first and then the relays stepped up to the starting line.  
Leg 1 Monica 3.9 miles.
Monica at the starting line!

Each time we reached the next person we may or may not have been giving them a slap on the ass to get them moving for their leg.  Monica didn’t get hers slapped.  This year she runs last.  We will get her!

Leg 2 Molly: 5.7 miles.

Molly ran just before me, she took off and we made our way to the Escalade to have Steve take us to my starting point.  It was beautiful out and I had plenty of time to use the restroom and stretch while we waited for Molly to come into view.  When we saw her coming I took off my sweats and got ready!

Leg 3 ME: 8 miles.

It was a great 8!  The sun was shining the trail was beautiful and it was quiet.  I loved it.  The only problem was my nagging foot injury.  It didn’t hurt too bad but enough I noticed it.

When I got to mile 7 I tried to call my teammates so they knew to be ready for me and the service was so bad we couldn’t hear each other.  They thought something had went wrong and sent help for me!

Molly “rescued me” and ran the rest of my 8 with me

Leg 4 Jade: 5.9 miles.

Jade was ready and waiting when I got to her starting point.  Then we quickly loaded up and moved to the next meet up.  

When we got there Steve (Jades husband) and I took this picture and sent it too her as she was running for good luck.  Aren’t we sweet??? 

It made her run faster

Jade finished strong and sent Nikia on her way.

Leg 5 Nikia: 6.5 miles.

As Nikia ran we all stretched out and got ready for the final meet up.  One more leg to go and we were DONE!  We also may have had some fun hanging out waiting for her! 😉

Leg 6 Jenni 3.5 miles.

She got to run in the last leg and bring home the finish for us.  She said this section was filled with gorgeous rolling hills.  We all got together and met her at the bottom of a large hill that came up to the finish line and ran her in.  Chicks With Kicks…Kal-Haven Relay..Done!

Have you ever run a relay like this (ragnar etc)????


4 thoughts on “TBT: Kal-Haven Relay Race Recap

  1. Ahh sounds awesome! I've done a relay race before and was the last runner. I think being the last runner is kind of the best as you get to go through the finish line. It was such good fun and so different from a regular race. Sounds like you had a blast 🙂


  2. Aww, how fun that you did this relay style! My friend and I ran it together last year (the 34 miles). I think it would be fun to try as a relay. I hope the weather is good for it this year! I heard the course was all ice in 2014!


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