My Running Goals

I started blogging in 2014 to help track my progress as a new adult runner.  You can read where I started and why here.  I had only one goal at the time and that was to run and finish the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers International Half Marathon!  That goal came and went, you can read about it here.  

Since then, I have really changed a lot as a runner.  I have been through injuries and am now working my way back up the running standard I have for set for myself.

My goals now….

Finish my FIRST marathon.  This was supposed to happen in April of 2015.  Sadly, due to injury, it did not.  Now I am looking at this fall and shooting for all the stars to align in my favor!  Fingers crossed please!

First Full turned Half  😦

The road to my first marathon started on 1/1.  I have slowly been coming back into the running world and pushing myself further and further each week.  Right now, I want to get faster and better conditioned!  What am I doing to obtain these goals?

  • Hired a personal trainer to help me get stronger!
  • Completing a 9 week base building plan–>8 week half plan–>16 week marathon plan
  • Eating a clean diet.  Free of dairy, gluten and extra sugars!
  • Get to and stay consistent at running 25 miles per week on average!
Other than a marathon, I want to be able to grow as a runner overall.  I want to push my speed to new levels.  Relearn how to comfortably run uncomfortable.  Here are a few things I want to ultimately accomplish.

13 miles into a 20 miler…so happy

Set new PR’s.  I want to do this for all distances.  I know I can.  My PR’s were all set in the summer/fall of 2014.  Time to step it up and crush some old times!   

I want to run more trail races.  The few trail races I have run in the last couple of years have kicked my trash.  They are so much fun to take part in, so why not get better at them?!

Runners World Trail Race


What are YOUR goals?

Anything you have been trying for that seems to keep slipping away?  


8 thoughts on “My Running Goals

  1. You're goals sound really achievable – you've got this girl! My finger's are crossed for you that you avoid injuries (bane of a runner's life, right??). You'll be stronger than ever soon I'm sure!


  2. Awesome goals — there's nothing quite like crossing the finish line after completing your first marathon. Running is such a learning experience (after experience after experience) and it is fun to look back and see how far we've come. Good luck and happy training!


  3. Great goals, and best of luck! Giving big goals more time can be a difficult approach but it is always more rewarding in the end. I think your smart and comprehensive approach will allow you to crush your goals and make your first marathon better than you ever dreamed it could be last year. Good for you being patient and putting the focus on taking care of yourself first – as the saying goes, better to be healthy and a little undertrained than it is to be in peak fitness but too injured to run one step, right?


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