Weekend Madness

Over the weekend we headed to Schaumburg, IL.  Saturday was my birthday and also happened to be a day that I could get a crazy insane discount to take KK to Medieval Times!  She loves this place so we headed to the city Friday night!
When we first got there it was late but KK wanted to eat at Rain Forest Cafe before heading to bed.  So she got fed and off to the hotel we went.  I wanted to get to bed early anyway so that I could get up and run in the morning.  I got up around 6 and headed down to use the ‘mill.  I wasn’t excited about treadmill running.  This was the first time I had ran on one since the injury last year.  I am still not fully convinced that running on the ‘mill as much as I did then didn’t partially play a role in my foot injury to begin with.

The run was a struggle.  I was supposed to run 5 easy miles.  Just 5.  I made it to 3.  I just couldn’t keep going.  I was mentally and physically done.  I was running a 10:30 pace and felt like I could barely do that.  It was frustrating.  However, it was also my first run in my Pure Flow 5’s.  They are amazing, I love them.  😉

I headed back to the room showered and then we all got some breakfast, before heading to the mall to do some shopping.  At this point KK was asking very regularly when we were going to go to Medieval Times.  When we finally got there she was so excited!  She watched the show intently and made sure to cheer on our knight!  We were seated in a section where our knights color was yellow.  So we cheered for him the entire time and in the end….HE WON!  KK was so proud of him!


When we left the show the guy wanted to make a couple stops at some stores so we finished up a few things out running around before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Sunday we got up and around, checked out and headed to one of my favorite stores before driving home.  The guy had never been there before so I made sure to take my time walking around!  🙂

Being home was nice….being able to run with Dare last night, was even nicer.  I just needed to run a couple miles.  I told him we weren’t going to go slow but just a moderately easy pace.  He was good with just hanging back running with me.  So we put on our shoes and headed out the door.  I could tell after the first 1/10 of a mile our pace picked up a bit but never really considered what it was.  We were having fun!  He was telling me about his weekend and what he did since he didn’t come with us out of town.  We hit mile 1 at 9:01, not too bad.  We kept talking and joking about the weekend until finally getting to the house just as we hit 2 miles.  Mile 2- 8:17…not too shabby.

I haven’t run faster in a long time.  It’s nice to know that my legs still have a little speed in them but also after Saturdays horrible ‘mill run.  I needed that.
Maybe it was the salad I had that fueled me right????

Perfectly HUGE salad!
Last weeks recap:

Sunday: REST
Monday: Megs workout (HIIT)
Tuesday: 4.61 miles interval run
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: 2.4 very snowy miles!!
Friday: Traveling
Saturday: 3 miles

Total: 10.01 miles


Have you been to Medieval Times?  What city?

Favorite store you have to travel to get too?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Madness

  1. Those old towns sounds cool! I Like doing things that are a little different. Medieval Times is basically dinner and a show. They have knights that compete with one another, horse riding, a falcon and you get served a huge meal you eat with your hands!


  2. I have literally no idea what Medieval Times is but it sounds awesome!! We have historical towns in the Uk where people dress up and act our characters which is quite cool. You change your normal money for old money in the banks. Even the food is oldschool.
    Yay for your running going well 🙂


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