First Track Workout of the Year!

Yesterday was my first Track workout of the year!!!  It was so nice to be able to get out on the track and really see if I had some speed in these legs again.

Since I started running again, I have done a handful of “speed” workouts.  They haven’t been too extreme but got my legs moving.  Yesterday, I pushed it.  I let my body really work for it.  I was supposed to do 4×400 repeats but have been running more than what my plan starts with so I added on just a bit and did a ladder workout instead.  In all in consisted of 1 x 1 mile, 2×400, 2×200 and 4×100 and a warm-up/cool down.  I had Dare and two of my nephews with me.  I know they are faster than me and that worked out well a couple of times.  I can’t touch Dare in the speed department so we played some rabbit during the 400’s.  He would give me about a 100m head start and then they would all try to catch me.  I had talked to the boys about pushing it but not going 100% so even though they were trying to catch me don’t overreach.

They understood this and tried to hunt me down.  I like running like this with Dare.  It makes me not give up or slow down because I am tired or hurting.  I have to keep pushing the pace I am at in hopes that he won’t get me.  It didn’t work.  He caught me about 4 feet before we finished….darn boys!!  For the 200’s and 100’s we all ran them together.  I am fairly speedy in short runs so they never got too far away from me.
My nephews were having a great time and I am really glad that they came with us.  They both love to run and will hopefully be in track this spring also.  As for me?  I did some things that I was both shocked and proud of.  First this happened…..

It has been awhile!

Then during each of my 400 repeats I was sub-6 pace.  For the 200’s I could hold sub-5 and the 100’s were all right around 4:20 pace.  I haven’t ran a sub 7 mile in over a year.  So being able to do that now shows that my strength training is really paying off.  I am able to push through and get it done.
I had the stats on my splits and accidentally deleted them instead of saving but I was really wanting to see them.  I know for some people these paces are normal and average.  But for me and what my last year has been like I am really really happy.  I know I have a lot of room to improve as I used to be a 400 runner and well.  5:40 pace wouldn’t have been any good.  So I want to work into getting them back into the low 4’s….am I too old for that now?  I guess there is always next week to see if I improve!! 
This workout was a huge confidence builder for me.  I have been very worried about speed and fear that my injury may flare up.  But no such thing happened!  I have a feeling this is going to be one AMAZING training cycle!!!

This week:

Sunday: REST
Monday: 3 miles @ approx. 7:13 pace
Tuesday: HIIT  
Wednesday: Tempo Run
Thursday: Conversation Pace
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: 7 miles “LSD” 

Total: 17ish miles

And does anyone else find random selfies of your children or SO’s on your phone???


Do you like running on the track?  I love how responsive it feels compared to the road!

If so, what is your favorite track workout?

Why I don’t Race the Race!!

Last week was great!  

I had a great week in training and feel that things are actually starting to head in the right direction.  I had some really great runs that boosted my confidence and showed me that my fitness is starting to come around again.  I ran some miles in the 8’s and low 9’s which I haven’t really been letting myself do for a long time.  I don’t want to push things too much.  Last week I wasn’t pushing.  I was just running, removing the mental aspect of it and not worrying.  It helped.  I was faster…naturally! 🙂

Best Running Son EVER!  

Saturdays “long run” went without a hitch.  Dare and I got up and around.  Dropped my 12 year old off at basketball and headed out to run.  We had a little bit of weather problems overnight so the ground was slippery in spots due to freezing rain.  It also was raining/sleeting the majority of time we were running.  We had to slow our pace a few times but neither of us had any complaints!!  It is great to be out and running…that is reason enough not to complain!!  We ran a nice hilly out and back.  My legs are really starting to appreciate the added hills.  I know this will pay off huge in Georgia!!

I got out of the house for awhile on Saturday night for a much needed night of fun with friends whom I haven’t seen in forever!  Kevin (the guy) was working so he had to miss out!  :p

Photo courtesy of Bill

This week is the beginning of my half training.  I have been doing a base building plan until now.  So this week I get to start really trying to add some speed and more strength into my runs.  I am just going to put this out here now….I want to PR in Georgia.  This means a lot of hard work is needing to enter into my life!  I have all the faith in the world I can.  I just have to work hard and not let my mind get the best of me!

Racing the Race!

My current PR for the half is 2:02…so to beat that I just need to run 9:18 or faster…I can do that!  I know I can.  I just need to actually race the race!  Who else is guilty of this?  Not racing the race is something I never realized I was doing until just recently when I was considering trying to PR.  
Every race I have run, I have never actually raced.  I run, I even run hard.  But I don’t race.  I always have something left.  I never actually push myself.  I let ok be good enough.  I am scared to burn out!!  Each half I have run, I talk and laugh and joke the whole time.  Never actually pushing myself to the next notch in my race game.  I finish strong but don’t feel like I left it all out there.  This year is going to be different.  I am going to get uncomfortable and I am going to push myself to racing and not just running.  
This quote helped me realized what I wasn’t doing.

I never let it get to that point

Having found and now understand what I am not doing has really changed my perspective of why I run.  I am capable of so much more.  I take the easy route and don’t actually force myself to try.  I am really glad I had this Ah-Ha moment.  Without it I am sure I wouldn’t be willing to try harder when I get to GA.  I don’t want to just PR…I want to crush my PR.  So here is to Official Half Marathon Training!

Last weeks recap:

Sunday: REST
Monday: 2 miles @ 8:38 pace
Tuesday: HIIT due to snow storm 
Wednesday: 4 easy hilly miles @ 9:57 pace
Thursday: 3.13 easy miles @ 9:12 pace
Friday: REST
Saturday: 6 miles “LSD” @ 10:17 pace

Total: 15.5 miles


Do you race the race?

Best racing tip you ever have been given?

TBT: Kal-Haven Relay Race Recap

In honor of throw back Thursday I am going to give a small recap of a race I got to participate in last year and will be running again next month:

The Kal-Haven Relay!!  

Monica, Molly, Me, Nikia, Steve (in back), Jenni, and Jade.

This race is a 33.5 mile course that can be run as an individual or with teams from 2 to 6 people.  Since I am not an ultra runner (yet) we had a group of 6!  The trail system goes from Kalamazoo to South Haven Michigan.  It is dirt and gravel with rolling hills.  Each person has a different length they run for each leg of the race.  

We got there early so we could pick up our packets and get ready to start off the race.  They let the ultra runners go first and then the relays stepped up to the starting line.  
Leg 1 Monica 3.9 miles.
Monica at the starting line!

Each time we reached the next person we may or may not have been giving them a slap on the ass to get them moving for their leg.  Monica didn’t get hers slapped.  This year she runs last.  We will get her!

Leg 2 Molly: 5.7 miles.

Molly ran just before me, she took off and we made our way to the Escalade to have Steve take us to my starting point.  It was beautiful out and I had plenty of time to use the restroom and stretch while we waited for Molly to come into view.  When we saw her coming I took off my sweats and got ready!

Leg 3 ME: 8 miles.

It was a great 8!  The sun was shining the trail was beautiful and it was quiet.  I loved it.  The only problem was my nagging foot injury.  It didn’t hurt too bad but enough I noticed it.

When I got to mile 7 I tried to call my teammates so they knew to be ready for me and the service was so bad we couldn’t hear each other.  They thought something had went wrong and sent help for me!

Molly “rescued me” and ran the rest of my 8 with me

Leg 4 Jade: 5.9 miles.

Jade was ready and waiting when I got to her starting point.  Then we quickly loaded up and moved to the next meet up.  

When we got there Steve (Jades husband) and I took this picture and sent it too her as she was running for good luck.  Aren’t we sweet??? 

It made her run faster

Jade finished strong and sent Nikia on her way.

Leg 5 Nikia: 6.5 miles.

As Nikia ran we all stretched out and got ready for the final meet up.  One more leg to go and we were DONE!  We also may have had some fun hanging out waiting for her! 😉

Leg 6 Jenni 3.5 miles.

She got to run in the last leg and bring home the finish for us.  She said this section was filled with gorgeous rolling hills.  We all got together and met her at the bottom of a large hill that came up to the finish line and ran her in.  Chicks With Kicks…Kal-Haven Relay..Done!

Have you ever run a relay like this (ragnar etc)????

My Running Goals

I started blogging in 2014 to help track my progress as a new adult runner.  You can read where I started and why here.  I had only one goal at the time and that was to run and finish the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers International Half Marathon!  That goal came and went, you can read about it here.  

Since then, I have really changed a lot as a runner.  I have been through injuries and am now working my way back up the running standard I have for set for myself.

My goals now….

Finish my FIRST marathon.  This was supposed to happen in April of 2015.  Sadly, due to injury, it did not.  Now I am looking at this fall and shooting for all the stars to align in my favor!  Fingers crossed please!

First Full turned Half  😦

The road to my first marathon started on 1/1.  I have slowly been coming back into the running world and pushing myself further and further each week.  Right now, I want to get faster and better conditioned!  What am I doing to obtain these goals?

  • Hired a personal trainer to help me get stronger!
  • Completing a 9 week base building plan–>8 week half plan–>16 week marathon plan
  • Eating a clean diet.  Free of dairy, gluten and extra sugars!
  • Get to and stay consistent at running 25 miles per week on average!
Other than a marathon, I want to be able to grow as a runner overall.  I want to push my speed to new levels.  Relearn how to comfortably run uncomfortable.  Here are a few things I want to ultimately accomplish.

13 miles into a 20 miler…so happy

Set new PR’s.  I want to do this for all distances.  I know I can.  My PR’s were all set in the summer/fall of 2014.  Time to step it up and crush some old times!   

I want to run more trail races.  The few trail races I have run in the last couple of years have kicked my trash.  They are so much fun to take part in, so why not get better at them?!

Runners World Trail Race


What are YOUR goals?

Anything you have been trying for that seems to keep slipping away?