Mentally struggling…but KILLED IT!

Last nights run was AMAZING!  I have had a bit of trouble the last few days running because well, Saturday, Dare and I ran to my parents house and somehow…I stepped wrong, rolled my ankle and now I am babying it just a little.  Now, to some this kind of thing is a big deal to me…it happens.  I severely sprained my ankle doing a round-off back handspring when I was in 8th grade.  Since then, just the slightest wrong movement and it rolls.  So it is sore and just the slightest bit swollen but nothing I can’t work with.  Anyway, we were only 1.5 into a short 4 miles when this happened…so I iced it at my parents for a little bit and then we ran home.  Yes, I ran on a freshly rolled ankle.  It was uncomfortable but that’s about it.

Back to last night…..another set of speed interval training.  This is straight from Megs training for me.  My schedule called for 3 miles and hers was 45 minutes so I knew I would be long on mileage but I am not too concerned with the little extra.  After a short warm up, Dare took off at his own super teen speed and planned to meet me when we hit close to 45 minutes.  For the first 30 minutes there were sections of high intensity broken up with 1 min recovery run, and the last 15 was shorter segments of high intensity with 1 min recovery.  My ankle was taped and I thought I was mentally ready for this.  But I wasn’t.  This run taught me a lot about myself.
First, I am capable of much more than I let myself believe.  I think we all are really.  Our mind quits long before our bodies are ready too.  I was about halfway done with the first 30 minute segment and was ready to “cheat”.  I was wanting to skip a faster segment and just run it at a normal pace so that I could recover a bit more.  I almost did too.  But, when my Garmin beeped that the minute of recovery pace was over, I ran.  Hard.  I was tired but if I am going to get stronger I have to stop making excuses and run!

Second, I can mentally overcome obstacles.  My mind quit last night.  I was DONE!  But I had to start thinking of what all this is for to begin with.  I thought of a similar run last week that I really struggled with.  I thought of the months that I couldn’t run.  I thought of the kid that was out there running his ass off ahead of me.  I thought of my Irun4 buddy Tiernan!  And I thought about how if I got through a couple more minutes of hard stuff, I could rest a little bit and eventually it would all be over!

Runs like this used to be easy…ok, not easy but easier.  I used to run much more than I do now and so it wasn’t as daunting.  I could push myself and be ok with it.  Now that I am just starting to get back into these harder runs, I have to build my mental strength back up.  I know I am capable, just convincing myself of that mid-run is hard sometimes.  So what made this so AMAZING??
I finished, each and every repeat!!  I didn’t fall victim to my mind.  I pushed through the doubt and finished!  Also, I did it 30 sec per mile faster than a very similar workout last week!  Improvements are being made, I didn’t need as slow of a recovery period as last week.  Also, last week I would walk a lot during the recovery period.  Last night I didn’t let that happen.
So I won that run…I straight up killed it!  Now if I can just make it past this snow storm we are having right now I think I will be ok!

View from my office!


When was your last run that almost broke you?

What did you to to recover?


6 thoughts on “Mentally struggling…but KILLED IT!

  1. I found your blog via Running Schlub's and thought I'd say hi since we have some things in common (like running!).

    Nice job on your repeats and killing your workout! I've found that mental strength is up there with the most important components of running, if not topping the list. Some of my PRs have been when I'm not in the best of shape, but mentally I was stronger.


  2. This is awesome. Just what I needed for my race this weekend. The marathon in Vegas broke me in my mind. Yes I walked 10 miles and finished but my mind was in a horrible place. As training gets better and your body gets stronger, getting out of that dark place gets easier.


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