My Favorite Workout Partner

Week 1 of my new plan has been pretty great so far.  I have had an opportunity to really push myself and see how strong weak I really am.  I have still been able to stick to my running plan also.  Which means I have ran once this week and tonight will be run #2!!!  Tuesdays run was GREAT!  It was the first time in a few days we could run down the sidewalk without being on snow the entire time.  Dare (my nickname for my oldest son) and I ran together…kind of.

Stretching before his county championship run

For those of you that have been reading for awhile you know he is super speedy, for those of you that are just starting.  You will read plenty about this kid.  He is 13, super awesome and a GREAT runner.  He has ran for the last 3 years in cross country and track.  He is currently our county champion for xc and runs an easy sub 20 5K.  He is just running “with” me to get in shape for track and he is the best running pal I have.  Having his fast rear ahead of me always makes me push just a little harder!!  🙂
So back to our run, we had a 30 min run scheduled, so we started together and finished together.  We were running intervals.  <–Hence the "with" in regards to Dare.  We did a total of 10 fast paced, really push it, hard segments followed by a short stint of recovery.  It made for a GREAT evening.

He was in the middle of saying, “I’m cold!”

 The weather was perfect (for January in Michigan) at 30°ish. When we got back to the house we were both ready to foam roll and warm up!
Last night I had a pretty great workout again!  I am a lucky gal…this week is going pretty great!  I was a little sore going into last nights workout but as anyone knows…that happens.  So I pushed and got it done.  Dare did at one point tell me that Megs is trying to torture me with all these workouts!  I had to laugh!  He is so dedicated but knows how much I do not cross or strength train.  I do however like the feeling of getting stronger.  I know it is going to happen and I am ready to put in the work!

5 sets…DONE!  My hand looks abnormally huge!

In the meantime I am becoming addicted to Quest Bars…..mmmmmmmm.  I had to have something in-between work and getting my workout in and I have an hour commute.  So I get to snack on yummy stuff while driving!

Vanilla Almond Crunch for the win!

Then of course, I was running low on time so I had to make a quick, just for me dinner.  It was pretty darn yummy!

96/4 Beef patty with fried egg and asparagus…I promise they go good together!

I love having dinner as a family every night…it is something I look forward too so nights that I don’t get too.  I am kind of bummed but sometimes our schedules just are a little too hectic!  Last night it was due to Dare and I doing our workouts and the guy and my middle boy J doing theirs at different times.  My little lady took the night off of working out, she hung out on her ipod watching YouTube.  She said she is going to definitely workout again tonight though!


Do you have a favorite workout partner?  

Favorite protein bar?

Family dinners…yay or nay?


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