Weekend Wrap-up!

Since I am slowly working myself back into running I am taking things very easy.  So Fridays run was a super slow, nice and easy 2 miles.  It was gorgeous out!  The ground was dry but I was snowing just a little!  It made the air crisp and the run fabulous!  I love to run in the cooler weather but when it gets closer to 20° or below…then I start to get a little cold.

This pic does it no justice!
I got out and ran around 8 and it was perfect!  The sun was shining and the weather was the perfect temperature!  I only ran 3.5 miles but I got stuff done.  I went to the ATM, ran to the local community center to sign up for Mondays spin class and got my workout in all at once!  Love being able to multi-task. 
After my run a friend and I headed to the running store and she got a couple new pairs of shoes while I resisted all temptation!!  Ok, that’s a lie…I did get a few packs of Tailwind to try out.
For dinner I was craving avocado and had D help me make some avocado toast with egg and sriracha!  He loved it!
So so so good!
Ok.  Super Bowl 50.  I made it to halftime.  That’s it!  Couldn’t do it anymore!  I am too old/wake up too early for that biz!  Even though I didn’t watch the whole game that doesn’t mean I didn’t take part in some great food!  The guy and I had a pretty good spread of food and the kids were eating like crazy!  My favorite part was the bruschetta.  It is probably one of my favorite snacks of all time and I make it as often as possible.
Doesn’t get much better than that!
My Week:
Monday: 45 min spin and strength training
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 1.46 easy miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: 2 easy miles
Saturday: 3.5 easy miles
Sunday: rest
I know it doesn’t seem like much but when you have fought injury for almost a year.  You are going to take things slow easy and really not over due it.  I am giving my body plenty of time to adjust and so far so good!  🙂
How was your weekend? 
Favorite snack you make?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up!

  1. I can completely relate to fighting injury. I spent close to a year being injured and another 6 months recovering so I understand. This looks like a solid week and I'm glad you are able to get back into it!


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