A couple weeks of crazy!

I changed jobs at work.  I changed offices.  I changed everything that was for the past two and a half years my daily  routine.  Now that I have adjusted, I can actually take some time to blog again. 

I have been continuing my running slow and with very low mileage!!  It is crazy when I look at my miles and think why shouldn’t I just run a little more!  I have missed it and love it so much and that is EXACTLY why I am not pushing it!  I want to run more….just not yet! 

I have had quite a few great runs recently!  I feel good, I don’t hurt and most importantly I am having fun!!!!  So to keep you all informed of what has happened…a few photos!

D has been running with me?  Kind of, he runs his miles…I run mine.  We start and finish together (he is just a lot faster so runs a lot more!)

Annnnnd he hates the pics! 
I had an the worlds largest apple fritter.  I didn’t eat the whole thing it sadly, wasn’t the best.

KK and I had a date night.

She was not impressed with me!  😉
I got a chance to run in the snow!! 
Sorry for the blur, I was running so fast!  HAHA!
The guy and kids dressed up my lab…she digs it!
She even got photo bombed!
I am now going to work on coming up with a plan to run a GREAT half at the end of April!  I need to get better in the nutrition world…times like this are killing me!
Chocolate covered coffee beans for the win!
Any healthy meal suggestions?  I need some new ideas!
How much snow do you have now…if any?

6 thoughts on “A couple weeks of crazy!

  1. Cheese frittata is a great lunch that you can prepare ahead – I cook a large frittata on Sunday evening and have it with salad such as spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes for several days 🙂


  2. Congrats to all of your changes. That is really exciting.

    I honestly used to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I worked in an office. I've also made crockpot meals and had a minicrock that works well for soup too. I'm super simple though ha ha.


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