Weekend Wrap up

Friday I hit my second huge run of the week.  Another single slow mile!!  I have said numerous times in the last week that I am taking things slow and I couldn’t feel better about it. 

Friday, was also my 1 year runniversary with a now very good friend of mine.  We met one year ago and have run together many many times.  So we planned a girls night.  She ran my one mile with me and also brought me and AMAZING gift basket…containing many foods (the way to my heart) and some just as good scrubs and lotions!!! 
I took this after removing the lotions/scrubs
To return the favor I made us our dinner.  It was simply and fresh but very low calorie and tasty!  We had broiled tilapia, with rice and broccoli.  Oh and bruschetta!!  For a whopping total of 374 calories!  Yep and we were both stuffed!   See eating good foods can be good for you!!
I am no food photographer but trust me it was good
This meal also go to fuel my “long” run of the week!  Haha!  Not really a long run but it was the longest run of my week so I am still going to give it a title so it can feel special! <–this is my idea of logical reasoning 🙂 
Nikia ran over to my house Saturday morning, we both didn’t feel the best.  She  was suffering from a great case of DOMS and I had a splitting headache.  We were apprehensive but didn’t want these little things to make us push our run back.  Since Nikia has been running much more consistently she ran a total of 4 miles but the middle two were ran with me.  We went slow and with each step my head felt better!  Running is such an amazing healer.
I am very squinty
After we ran the guy and I took my middle son and one of his buddies out to breakfast.  We got a chance to talk to some other good friends of mine for a few minutes before heading back to take care of the house and making sure I could get the piles of laundry three kids create for me weekly! 
Today is a lazy day.  No working out, no strenuous activity just me and lazy..being bff’s! 
Week Wrap up
Tuesday: 1 mile @ 11:23
Friday: 1 mile @ 11:02
Saturday: 2 miles @ 10:31 
Oh, on a side note, I discovered these this week…try them!

Any of you trying to win the billion dollar powerball?

Candy: Fruity or chocolate?


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