Baby steps, coming back from injury

I have a short list of main goals I want to accomplish in all areas of my life during 2016

  1. Run uninjured
    1. Foam Roll
    2. Strength Train
    3. Listen to my body
    4. Take baby steps
  2. Pay off debts
  3. Work on personal relationships 

These shouldn’t really be that hard right?  Well that is just a general outline of what I actually want.

For example, I still want to run a marathon.  I feel like I can if I do things right.  I am looking toward September, I feel that I can make it happen by then.  That would put me at needing to start a training plan by May or so.  To me that sounds feasible.  That gives me 5 months to get up and around to a good base.  Nothing too extreme, just one month at a time.
I like plans, I don’t do well without them.  I don’t like unexpected things AT ALL!  Seriously, no surprises or I will go completely nuts.  Don’t change my running plans, just give me a daily checklist of what I need to accomplish and I am good to go!  Hell, I still have a paper calendar, I need it in my life for this reason.
Speaking of plans.  I have made a small plan in order to get back to running.  I just started working out again on Monday.  Monday night I did an Insanity workout which was a little uncomfortable.  I haven’t done anything in so long my muscles were not excited about it at all.  Naturally I assumed I would be sore  yesterday.  Which held mostly true.  Today is a different story!
Last night I went for my FIRST RUN since November!!!  OMGracious!  It was amazing and wonderful and cold, I loved it!!  Now I know I sound excited so you would think it was some huge run…no no no, not at all.  I ran 1 mile.  Yep, one!  I ran it slow…very slow.
Slow but not injured!
I know this post has been somewhat…random.  But I will finish with this.  DOMS suck!  If you haven’t been working out, don’t do Insanity one day and run the next in 20° weather!  It hurts….a lot! 
Do you use paper or electronic calendars?
Race suggestion for this summer?  I like to plan early!

4 thoughts on “Baby steps, coming back from injury

  1. Injuries suck but they are also a great way to find out passion again. That 1 mile had to be so gratifying. I use an excel spreadsheet with calculations built in so I know cumulative miles per week and elevation gain per week. Let's me monitor my 15% increases better.


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