Slacking and Pictures of the Summer

I am a slacker.  I admit it!  I got on here a couple months ago thinking I was ready to start blogging again.  Eh, the truth…I was just living life!  One day at a time, letting my life adjust to the new normal.  My kids were making new friends and adjusting to a new town.  Also I wasn’t running much, if at all at times.  When I first started running again things were fine.  However, after a few consistent runs my foot started to bother me ever so slightly and I stopped again.  I need to be healthy and had to take the time off.
How do I have a running blog when I am not running?  That question went through my head numerous times as I sat down in the last couple of months and considered writing a new post.  Now I am running regularly (I’m still not fast) but I am running.  I am training for the Hat Trick at Runner’s World Festival next month so I kind of need to get my ass in gear if I want to run decent.  <–notice I didn't say good.  My goal at this point is to just survive!
Now the best part….our summer in pictures!
We have fortunately had copious amounts of froyo in our lives.  This I believe is the only reason I can do anything. 

Whipped cream is a must for her
I have been able to act crazy silly when running with friends!
It really is the best medicine right?
Questioning my sanity after a hard run
I ran the Clear Lake 10k again this year, small yet enjoyable race!
3rd in AG
KK is still working on her modeling career.
She doesn’t make much by doing this at home though! 
Coolest kids on the block
D worked hard at cross country camp.
He was soo excited!
Annnnnd last but not least in any way…my great friend Jen of Jenni Marie Photography took the kids pictures….she is amazing!  If you are anywhere near southern Michigan, Jen is where its at!
The rarity of them all smiling at the same time! 🙂
Happy Running!  ~HRM~