My life in bullet points and pictures!

There are many reasons I haven’t been blogging.  A few weeks ago I was set to return and was completely stoked!  However, my head wasn’t in the game yet.  I had too much stress to be able to sit down and type about life and my non-existent running.  I am now ready to let you guys back in and have life be everything it can be.  Here is a quick summary of what has been going down. 

Kal-Haven Relay (April Race)
  • I moved to Michigan…ok I moved a whole 20 miles from where I was in Indiana but I still changed states so I feel that this is was an important event.  Plus, I am now closer to friends and family so that in itself warrants some celebration.
  • I got a divorce…now this is not a sad, feel sorry for Staci statement.  This is a new life, a new beginning, a fresh start!  Actually when the process first started everyone kept saying “I’m sorry”…it drove me nuts…this is something I don’t like hearing.  My children and I are happier, healthier and more ready to live than we have ever been!  Be happy for us and celebrate our new lives with us instead of trying to find a reason for us to feel bad about things.
  • I have started running again….kind of.  I have went for a few runs here and there.  Most recently I ran two miles at 9:30 pace and my body felt good.  No pain, no struggle, just excitement and the love of being back out there.  Oh, how I have missed running!!!! 
  • My new house is within walking distance of froyo!  This is good and bad….my kids and I take froyo very seriously and could easily spend too much money on this weekly.  It is just soo good!
  • Our new house is slowly coming together.  We have been here awhile and are still getting new things.  I didn’t take much when moving out of our old home.  We needed the fresh start.  It has been a fun process but is no where close to being done!  It is crazy how much crap you don’t realize you use until you don’t have it anymore!!! 
  • D had an amazing track season, J just finished up baseball and KK is now done with softball too so I had a nice break of a week.  D started summer running for Cross Country last night so we are now in full swing again.  Yay!  <–insert sarcasm here!
  • KK up to bat!
    D high jumping!
    J pitching
  • Oh and last but not least….I cut my hair off….this took a lot out of me!  I really had a hard time committing but did it and LOVE IT! 
I will get back to regular blogging tomorrow.  But for now this is all your getting! 

    Chicks With Kicks Wedding!!

    CWKs Ruck team!  6/27