Coming back and why I disappeared

It has been a very very long time since my last post.  To be honest I am pretty unsure as to what I really want to write about now.  I am preparing a race recap for RNR Nashville that I ran over the weekend and I am planning on getting back into writing on a regular basis. 
First up, why I stopped.  For me blogging is a very personal venture.  I put out there what goes on in my daily life and how I feel about everything.  The last several weeks of my life have been very hard and instead of using my page as a complaint area I chose to stay away.  I want my blog to be positive and hopefully help inspire a few people here and there.

A quick recap of what has been going on with me….
  • I have participated in a couple races…Kal-Haven Trail Relay and RnR Nashville: I will recap both soon. 
  • I have an injury.  I have been fighting a foot injury since the first part of March.  I have had x-rays, a bone scan and am currently in physical therapy.  They still do not know what is wrong and I am making an appointment with a second podiatrist to see if they can figure it out.  My PT thinks it may be the actual structure of my foot that is causing the pain when I run.
  •  I have been chosen to be an Ambassador for The Color Run Shine Tour in Grand Rapids Michigan.  I will talk more about this later but if you are signing up use code grandrapids2 for a great discount!
  • I completed my 2nd 20 miler and realized afterward that I would not be running the full marathon at RnR Nashville.  My foot wouldn’t make it that far.  I dropped down to the half <—was a great decision.
  • I have rediscovered who I am on a very different level.  I have been having a blast doing so and this has helped me see things in a light I had forgotten about.
  • I have also eaten more junk food than I should.  Not running does that to me! 
  • I have ran less than 30 miles total for April and that includes 2 races…one 8 miles and one half marathon! 

2nd 20 miler 3/21

Yeah I had fries!
I am back!  And hopefully you all will support me in this once again!