Ashiatsu Massage a MUST!!

I have always went in and had a massage before a race.  It just makes me feel so….good!  Now, let me clarify…not every race as in all of them but only half marathons and I will for my marathon.  So I was kind of upset that I had forgot to schedule one before my half on Sunday.  I am not racing this race so much as just running it but I still would like to be relaxed.  So, yesterday my friend Kari posted about her great massage she had just received.  I mentioned forgetting and she gave me the number of the woman she had just used.  I called and BOOM, got in for an appointment last night!! 

Random laughter!!  🙂
Kari had mentioned she had Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and it was awesome so when I called and Gina offered that I was like “OK!”.  Now, I had no idea what it was but figured it was a massage how could I go wrong?  Then I watched a video online showing what it was.  I FREAKED!!!  They massage you with their feet.  Yep!  You lie on a table and they use their feet…the whole time!! 
For those of you that don’t know let me fill you in….I am a podophobic.  Which means I have a phobia of feet.  I explain it as I hate them!  I don’t want to see them, feel them, touch them, be touched by them, be near them….so yep…I hate them!
So now that I have ranted let me rave! 
I got to Gina’s Healing Hands a few minutes early and was greeted quickly and politely by Gina.  She had me fill out the standard paperwork and then took me back into the massage room.  At this point I was mentally freaking out.  I was really going to let someone touch me with her feet?  Oh boy!  Gina explained the entire process she uses, what kind of oil she was going to use and how much deeper this type of massage can be than any other.  The thought and explanation sounded amazing but again with the FEET!  EEK!!  Anyhow…I got ready, positioned myself face down on the table and waited for Gina to come back in a get to work.
Gina doing her thing, and no that is not me..I am not a man! 🙂
When she came back in she made sure to let me know again that this would be a deep pressure and if it hurt to let her know.  I am a deep tissue massage lover so I didn’t anticipate any issues at all.  It mentally took everything I had to stay on that table and not walk out due to the anxiety I was having.  I feel as though I hid it well.  I tried to remain positive and open about the entire process.  Then Gina started!!!  OH MY FREAKIN’ GRACIOUS!!!  IT FELT SO SO GOOD! 
Still I laid there…mentally freaking out.  It took me quite some time to really start to let my body relax.  I am very very tense anyway all of the time but to have my mind going nuts at the same time was a new challenge!  When I was able to finally let go I could feel the difference and this massage was by far one of the best I have ever had.
I had let Gina know about my left leg bugging me and she made sure she really worked it.  She found my hips were very tense and worked specific pressure points to help release the tension and I have to say, I felt my leg loosening up and the tendons relaxing!!!  Gina worked each and every area of my body with a precise pressure and skill.  She would hold positions that would help each muscle group.  She took her time to find and work each area that was tender (even ones I didn’t’ know about!)  The entire process took approximately an hour and then she was kind enough to give me a short facial massage (with her hands) when she was done!  I was so relaxed when I left I couldn’t believe it.
Even though I was completely terrified going into this thanks to my lovely phobia I enjoyed this more that I thought.  I will be going back again and hopefully can break myself of the anxiety I experienced to begin with!  Oh and for the record….my left leg doesn’t hurt at all right now!!
If you are in the Michiana area give Gina a call or just visit her site here!
And she knows I am blogging about it but this is NOT sponsored in ANY way!!  She was just that good!
Now I am off to enjoy my birthday!!   


3 thoughts on “Ashiatsu Massage a MUST!!

  1. Happy birthday!!!!!

    I don't have a foot phobia (I don't think), but I can't imagine getting a massage with feet either. That's great that it turned out to be such a great experience, and maybe a life changing experience if you end up getting over the phobia!!!


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