Keepin’ it real

After a short hiatus I am back.  Life happens and then normalcy continues….

If you have the need to watch the most annoying video in the world go here.  Now I warn you, it is one of those videos that is stupid but you can’t help to watch.  So, let me know what you think!

I love reading about the success and the not so good stuff of other runners.  It makes it more real.  The more training I do for my marathon, the more I don’t want to try and sugar coat everything to sound better or seem better than it really is.  Training for a marathon is HARD.  Running is HARD, why do so many people want others to see their world as much better than it really is?  These hard parts and how you get through them are more helpful to others than the easy peasy runs/races/PR’s.  I mean those are great too but hell we are all human and I know this is easy for no one!!

With that said:

Two months from now I will be running my first marathon.  I am excited and also really starting to work on pulling myself out of the world of doubt.  It is easy to tell someone to trust their training.  It is easy to speak positively about someone else’s capabilities.  I find it much harder to trust my own training and keep myself afloat. 

It is so bad that even though I know I can run it, I am seriously doubting my ability to run a half this coming Sunday with some friends.  They are planning on running their first half and I am going to run with them.  I am going to do a decent length warm up and then finish the 17 miles I have on schedule after the race.  Why I have a fear that I won’t be able to run it is beyond me!  Stress most likely. 

I have had some very awesome runs.  I can see the improvements in time, distance, the way my body responds etc.  But I can also see the bad.  I run almost all of my runs alone.  This sucks!  I love to run with others.  So Saturday I did make D run 5 of my 15 miles with me.  We ran into town and the hubs came and picked him up.  It was nice to talk to someone while running.  I miss that.  Unfortunately, nobody is around my same training pace and distances that I know.  We are all on such different plans.  That is why Sunday will be great, running with my friends and going their pace for the half will be a great change yet will still be perfect for my training.  I think I am starting to pick myself apart while I run do to having so much time by myself to think.  Anyone else do that?


11 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real

  1. I agree…it's so important to share the hard stuff. I think especially new runners get discouraged if all their running idols are always like “Things are perfect and it's so easy!” The truth is a lot more helpful!

    Training is HARD. But that's what makes it great. Once taper sets in, you'll feel awesome and you'll be ready for your race!


  2. This Sunday will be great! I find that race day always gets my head back in the game and fights back the nerves.

    With the doubt, remember to take it one mile at a time! It gets overwhelming if you look at it as “ohmygoshihavetorun17miles!” but if you think about it in “chunks” it's much more feasible. I usually break mine up into different sections of the route, call them A, B and C (they don't have to be equal distance) and tell myself in my head “woo! A is DONE” — it's an automatic confidence booster!


  3. Training for a marathon is hard. What you're experiencing is totally normal. I think it goes in ebbs and flows too, there's good weeks and bad weeks, heck, good months and bad months. As for how it gets portrayed on the blog, I'm going to second what Hanna said – remember it's never the whole story. I know that I can be guilty of only sharing the good stuff, but I think that's because I am trying so hard not to dwell on the bad stuff! If I think too much about painful runs or slow runs or just bad runs I start to psych myself out and think that I can't do it. So when I do have a bad run I try to take some time to think about what I could learn from it. Was it because I dehydrated? hungry? tired from work? stayed up too late watching stupid tv? that time of the month? If it's something I can fix, like being hungry or dehydrated, I try to remind myself to be more careful about that in the future. Then I try to forget about the bad run and just focus on that lesson and move on.

    Don't stress the half! I think you'll end up having a lot of fun.

    Oh, and I don't know if you're anywhere near the Mishawaka/South Bend area, but I know that Fleet Feet has a group that meets on Wednesday nights and on the weekends they do trail runs. That could be a fun group to meet up with sometimes!


  4. The doubt leading up to your first marathon is so normal. I remember after running my fist 15-miler thinking a marathon just wasn't in my cards. It was so, so hard, but I just tried to nail down the reasons WHY it was hard so I could correct them. When I did my first 20-miler I felt really awesome… or at least as awesome as you can feel after running 20 miles. After that I knew I'd make it to the finish line at a marathon.

    I think doubt is a perfectly normal part of the journey, but I also think a lot of us end up having that “ah ha, I've got this” moment right before the big race. I bet your moment will come soon!

    Have fun at the half this weekend! Don't stress!!! It's “just” 13.1 miles 😀 lol


  5. I think if you weren't feeling nervous you'd be inhuman! It's a big deal and you're treating it with the respect it deserves.
    And good luck for the half – you'll be fine. Just relax: you have the training in you!


  6. What you're going through is perfectly normal. I went through it before my first marathon, as did everyone else. There's nothing anyone can really say that will make all the doubt and apprehension go away. You just have to keep plugging away, if for no other reason than you've come this far and you can't back out now. I know a lot of runners, a lot of first time marathoners. Every one of them thought to themselves “I can't do it, I can't do it!” But you know what? Not one of them ended up being right. We all did it. I've never encountered someone who thought they couldn't do it and ended up being right. You'll do it. Just keep going.

    As for the way other bloggers portray their running: remember that blogging and social media never tell the whole story. Running is hard for everyone, trust me – some people are just more comfortable being honest about it than others. I think you set a great example by being willing to admit the struggles and rough patches. That candor and honesty is refreshing!

    As for running alone – I don't know where you live, but have you thought about finding a local running group to join? I found mine on Many local running stores also offer group fun runs sometime. These groups can be lifesavers for people who don't have as many runner friends or whose runner friends are at different levels. Best of luck!!!


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