Frosty 5k Recap

Saturday morning started off as a normal race day.  Wake up get moving, eat breakfast and make sure I have everything ready to go.  The only bit of a difference was my left knee was hurting from slipping on the ice and hitting it hard the night before. 

Left: after race, right: before race
Yes I did tan before I took the after pic!  haha!
My leg shouldn’t have that big bump!
D was coming with me so when he was ready we loaded up and headed out.  The race was about 45 minutes from my house and started at 10am.  We left around 8:15 thinking this would give us plenty of time to get there, meet up with Nikia, get warmed up and be ready for a good race.  That plan worked for about the first 10 minutes.  The wind was crazy and we had a light powdery snow on the ground which was blowing around a lot!  It made visibility less than ideal most of the drive there.
When we got there we picked up my registration packet, got D registered, met with Nikia and only had about 20 minutes left until race time!  I opted to put on my yak trax and do as much race prep as I could.  I couldn’t leave to do a actually warm up since they kept doing announcements and prerace info.  It was very cold out (about 15) so they let us know that they would lead us out to the starting line and would do a countdown from 10 then start immediately. 
Nikia and I before the race
I got in what I thought would be a good position to start and we counted down.  Since this was a small race (190 runners) I got near the front area to not get blocked in.  We were off!  Immediately after we started I had to almost stop running to avoid their cameraman!!!  Seriously!  He was standing about 20 feet away from the start right in the middle of the path!  Come on now anyone that has ever been at a race knows that is not a good place to be!  I continued on and made sure to keep my pace under control.  I didn’t know what kind of terrain we were going to be on but I knew there was snow, ice and it was on a path of some sort.  At about 150 yards in we had to turn onto a narrower path and a family…yes like mom, dad and kids were in front of me taking up the whole path!  I couldn’t get around them….so finally I had to practically yell, excuse me for them to actually move aside for me and the other runners.  Once around them I got settled in and could just run with a cautious eye for ice. 
The path turned into more of a gravel surface and the snow and ice made it a little interesting, but not hard.  Mile 1: 8:13…not too bad for this weather.  We kept going down the path and had one little bitty hill to go up and right back down the other side.  It was very slick and people were sliding around in front of me so I tried to stay on the snowiest part and use the ball of my feet since that is where my yaks have their spikes.  Then the snow got a little deeper and more uneven and the ice was more noticeable.  I could tell my pace was slowing but I would rather be safe than get hurt while in the middle of marathon training.  During the second mile my knee started aching a little so I didn’t want to push it too much anyway.  I did get to see Nikia and we swapped a high 5 while passing by each other.  The course was an out and back so the icy hill was in mile 2 twice!!  Mile 2: 8:51, not great but I would deal with it. 
Mile 3 was not a complete return on the same path.  It turned off and went around a small wooded area and the entire path was covered with ice.  I was so glad I was wearing my yaks at this point.  Mile 3: 8:41…a little better.  But we were almost done too so it wasn’t going to last much longer.  The last 100 yards or so was very clear so you could pick up the pace just a tad which was nice to let my legs loosen up!!  I could hear D yelling at me the closer to the finish I got!  I love knowing he is there waiting for me! 
When I was done, I started watching for Nikia.  We had to run right past the finish with about a half mile left, what a tease right?  I saw her coming and started cheering her on.  D headed in to warm up, since the temp was dropping fast…as soon as Nikia crossed the line we started jogging up to the building to get inside ourselves. 
D, me and Nikia post race
Final time: 26:37…considering my knee and conditions I am ok with that
AG: 2nd, happy with this but I only got second my 24 seconds…really?
Overall: 40/190…15th female
D got first  in his AG…and Nikia got a PR by somewhere around 2 minutes!!!!  With the conditions of the course I could only imagine how much faster she will be on dry pavement!
As for myself, I learned a lot during this run.  I have reflected and will be making a separate post about my A-HA moment. 
Since D got 1st in his AG I took him to get some crazy good breakfast…..Doughnuts!!!
He was laughing so hard due to me forcing this picture on him!!
Rise ‘n Roll is an Amish shop that has the best doughnuts around, full of Amish made goods.  So so good, if you are ever in Northern Indiana…this is a must!           

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