Running through Emotion

The reality of running my first marathon is really starting hit home.  I have a short 72 days left!  Yikes!!  My runs have been feeling really great lately apart from the occasional, tougher than it really should be run.  But those happen and I am ok with that!!

Monday I had more strides mixed in with a 3 mile run and did them at a 7:31 pace this week and could feel myself working a little harder than last week so I am glad I moved up the speed.  I did struggle with my 5 miler last night.  I had a few, I am almost in tears and can’t breathe moments, due to having a extremely stressful day and just needing to let it go.  Other than that the run was great!  I did have to really be careful when I had those bad moments, once I literally had to stop and just breathe so my chest would relax.  Yay for stress right!?  When I was done running I looked at my overall time and was like….what??!!!  That can’t be right.  But when you are on a treadmill you have to wait for it to slow down and speed up which takes up time.  I was running at either 9:40 or 9:31 pace the whole time but my average for the run ended up showing 9:55, I know better so I am ok with that too!
5 Miles…done!
I tried out some of my new gear from Wantable during my runs on Monday and Wednesday and I can say they are sooooo comfy!  I loved the feel and support they all gave me!  So glad I discovered this service!  What runner doesn’t want new clothes?  I have heard of Fabletics too but haven’t tried that one yet.   
I have been feeling much better when it comes to my energy level this week.  I have been making sure to drink my Greens every day along with taking my ThermoFit and I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago!  My energy level is up and the cravings for all things sweet are subsiding!  <–Huge deal right there, I have had a full pack of Oreos at home for a week and a half! (they usually only last about 3 days!)
More details here
If you are by chance interested in learning more about these products or That Crazy Wrap thing you have heard about you can join my team tonight for a Virtual Wrap Party!  We are also going to be talking about a new product launch that will happen March 5th and we are taking preorders now!!
Want to pre order?  Email me:
Ever had an emotional run?
Fabletics…yay or nay?
Have you tried a wrap yet?   


4 thoughts on “Running through Emotion

  1. Sorry to hear you had an upsetting day and it came out during a run 😦 but at least the run helped with 'dealing' with it. I find running really has a great way of clearing things in your mind so you can see things in calm way and often find solutions to issues. You're running sounds like it's going well, you'll be awesome for the marathon!


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