New shoes and a New Opportunity!!

I love my new training plan!!!!!  Wednesday was just a 4 mile run, so I ran it at my usual 9:30ish pace and played with the treadmill to emulate rolling hills since I don’t want to get too used to this indoor running thing.  Plus I had to break in these bad boys…

On sale for $45!!!
Then yesterday, I got to do more speed work!!!
I did a one mile warm up at 9:31 pace, then started my 400 repeats.  It took a minute to figure out exactly what pace I was going to do these at.  I haven’t done 400 repeats in a really long time.  So I started at 7:47 for the first one, it felt really good hard but doable.  For the last one I bumped it up to 7:31.  Between each repeat I would do a small recovery at 10/mile pace.
The hubs came over and talked to me between my last set and my cool down.  I think I am going to have to pick the pace up the next time I do these.  While I was talking to him which was only about 2 minutes, I already had my breath back.  Like, I should feel a little more worn I guess.  I also noticed while running my left hand would regularly hit the front of the treadmill due to my creeping forward slowly.  <–sign I am capable of going faster?  I hope so!  So I hopped back on the 'mill and did my cool down at 9:22 pace.  I am going to start changing my paces a little more often so that I don't get too used to the same ol' thing all the time.  I am really thinking Lora is going to have me in tip top shape…so long as I can keep my diet under control!!
Oh, speaking of diet…..
Ok , so I have kind of become a traitor in the last week or so but you know….that is OK!!!  If you have read some of my previous post you know that I loved Shakeology.  It gave me all the vitamins I need to have me feel full and happy in the mornings plus fueled for my run.  The problem with this….money and the taste!  I hate spending over $100 each month for it.  I don’t like knowing that I am putting that much out there for a drink that doesn’t necessarily taste good without additives (pb or banana).  Which takes it from 190 calories/serving to like 400!  <–Not cool! 
So, I started thinking about what I could do that may truly make a difference to me and my life nutritionally.  I remembered something and it was a product called Ultimate Profit!  Which by the way comes in vanilla and chocolate…and they are both amazing (like milkshake good)!  I don’t know why I ever forgot this product existed.  I was first introduced to these products a few years ago by my cousin.  She has since done wonderful things for herself and others through this company.  She turned wanting to lose a little weight into a huge lifestyle change both in finance and fitness.  She lost the few pounds she wanted too, found products she believed in and now I get to share that experience with her.  The company behind it is It Works.  They have amazing products all around, I still use their fat fighters on a regular basis due to the fact I like to eat junk every now and then.  Ok more than every now and then but the Fat Fighters help remove the bad and only let in the good!  Super great for cheat meals…makes them much healthier!!!
I keep these in my desk drawer (sorry they look dirty, I work in a weld shop)
So I am bailing on shakeo!!  I am going back to the products I know work!  Oh, did I mention that Profit has like 90 less calories per serving and made from natural whole foods?  Heck yeah!!
You most likely have heard of this company and their Skinny Wraps, come on I know you have!  Take 45 minutes and Tone, Tighten and Firm those pesky areas.  You have heard right?  If not that is ok, I use these to help minimize the appearance of my stretch marks from having 3 babies and each time I lose a little more at the waist!!  I will try to remember to take pics next time I wrap so you can see the results…unbelievable!!!  Can you tell I am excited!?
If you would like more info, click on the links above or email me at
I will gladly answer any questions…I know I had some when I first heard about this stuff.
Yes, I am affiliated with them….with these benefits, why wouldn’t I be???  <–It took me about 2 years too long to figure that out. 
Have you heard of It Works?


2 thoughts on “New shoes and a New Opportunity!!

  1. Hahhaha I can totally relate to the treadmill thing during speedwork. I hate doing speedwork on the tread. in general, but I'm always terrified that I'm going to fly off so I run faster than the speed and end up running into the front of the treadmill. I'm not sure it's a sign that I can run faster though, I think it's just my body going into flight or fight mode haha


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