Cancelled Race. New Plans.

I did it!  I signed up for another dad-gum race!!  The Frosty 5k is on Valentines day in a town near me if you are local to northern Indiana check it out!  The more the merrier!!!  Kind of, I am never too merry at 5k’s.  I am in a good mood and have a ton of fun but they are my least favorite race.  If you have been reading for awhile you will know it is because they hurt!!  I can run an ok time and would really like to improve that time but, they hurt!  Running fast for short periods is painful to me and I won’t deny it!!  🙂  This race is all about just having fun!  I am not out to try and break any records while in marathon training!!
Speaking of races on Sunday I was supposed to take part in a Tutu Run.  That’s right supposed to, it was cancelled due to weather.  However, this race was not a race for the fastest time, not something to go win a medal at it was for Girls on The Run.  If you don’t know about them and what they do you can check them out here.  They are a Non-Profit program that works with girls 3rd-8th grade to help build confidence through accomplishment!!  Empowering young girls?  How can you go wrong there?!

So much fun!!
Since the race was cancelled, the girls I was going to go up there with and myself all opted to put on our tutus and run anyway!  The roads to too bad for me to meet up with them but I ran local to my house.  It was…..deep!
I only made it a half mile down the road before I ran out of tracks to follow and was shin deep in snow.  I made the decision to turn around and finish my run on the dreadmill.  So I was at a total of 1 mile outside and 2.5 on the ‘mill. 
It was a no run day for me so I made sure not to push the pace and just went nice and easy.  I ended at right around 10/mile….I think.  I really didn’t pay much attention!  🙂
Since the snow came and we ended up getting a really steady snowfall for 24 hours today everything was shut down.  My hubs and I both had work cancelled!  That means being lazy and then realizing we need to hit the gym before the evening crowd gets there!  On the way to the gym we heard on the radio that our town got around 13″ of snow!     
It is pretty out with the snow though
My workout today was great!  I actually just got back awhile ago and man I loved it!!  Today was also day one of a new training plan.  If you have been reading for a bit you would know that I have already changed plans once before because I just wasn’t feeling it.  I loved my old plan but I just started to feel like it was missing something, like I needed more to hit my goals for my first marathon.  So, I ventured out and found me a run coach!!!  I am sure you guys know her…it is Lora from Crazy Running Girl!  If you don’t read her blog…you should!  She has a ton of great content that is very helpful and she is an amazing runner!  She is currently training for Boston so to take me on and help me out while she is training for that, is pretty awesome!!!      
Today I ran 3 miles and did 5 – 100 meter strides!  I ran my regular miles at 9:31 pace and the strides all at 7:47/mile.  Can you tell I was on the treadmill?  Still too much snow to do anything here!  I felt great afterward and really didn’t feel too terribly winded…I think I will push harder next time with these…it was really hard to find my stride on the ‘mill.  I have some really great workouts throughout this plan and I am really excited to get further into it.  There are a lot of runs I know will give me the confidence and fitness I need to run a great marathon!
Well, the hubs wants cookies so I am off to bake…hopefully I don’t eat them all!!!
Have you ever had a race cancel?
What was your favorite part of the weekend?
A guess at how many of his cookies I am going to eat?


8 thoughts on “Cancelled Race. New Plans.

  1. I've never had a race get canceled, but I have skipped on before when I just decided last minute I wasn't interested in running it. It must kind of suck to be ready and excited to run a race and then it's canceled!


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