Ashiatsu Massage a MUST!!

I have always went in and had a massage before a race.  It just makes me feel so….good!  Now, let me clarify…not every race as in all of them but only half marathons and I will for my marathon.  So I was kind of upset that I had forgot to schedule one before my half on Sunday.  I am not racing this race so much as just running it but I still would like to be relaxed.  So, yesterday my friend Kari posted about her great massage she had just received.  I mentioned forgetting and she gave me the number of the woman she had just used.  I called and BOOM, got in for an appointment last night!! 

Random laughter!!  🙂
Kari had mentioned she had Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and it was awesome so when I called and Gina offered that I was like “OK!”.  Now, I had no idea what it was but figured it was a massage how could I go wrong?  Then I watched a video online showing what it was.  I FREAKED!!!  They massage you with their feet.  Yep!  You lie on a table and they use their feet…the whole time!! 
For those of you that don’t know let me fill you in….I am a podophobic.  Which means I have a phobia of feet.  I explain it as I hate them!  I don’t want to see them, feel them, touch them, be touched by them, be near them….so yep…I hate them!
So now that I have ranted let me rave! 
I got to Gina’s Healing Hands a few minutes early and was greeted quickly and politely by Gina.  She had me fill out the standard paperwork and then took me back into the massage room.  At this point I was mentally freaking out.  I was really going to let someone touch me with her feet?  Oh boy!  Gina explained the entire process she uses, what kind of oil she was going to use and how much deeper this type of massage can be than any other.  The thought and explanation sounded amazing but again with the FEET!  EEK!!  Anyhow…I got ready, positioned myself face down on the table and waited for Gina to come back in a get to work.
Gina doing her thing, and no that is not me..I am not a man! 🙂
When she came back in she made sure to let me know again that this would be a deep pressure and if it hurt to let her know.  I am a deep tissue massage lover so I didn’t anticipate any issues at all.  It mentally took everything I had to stay on that table and not walk out due to the anxiety I was having.  I feel as though I hid it well.  I tried to remain positive and open about the entire process.  Then Gina started!!!  OH MY FREAKIN’ GRACIOUS!!!  IT FELT SO SO GOOD! 
Still I laid there…mentally freaking out.  It took me quite some time to really start to let my body relax.  I am very very tense anyway all of the time but to have my mind going nuts at the same time was a new challenge!  When I was able to finally let go I could feel the difference and this massage was by far one of the best I have ever had.
I had let Gina know about my left leg bugging me and she made sure she really worked it.  She found my hips were very tense and worked specific pressure points to help release the tension and I have to say, I felt my leg loosening up and the tendons relaxing!!!  Gina worked each and every area of my body with a precise pressure and skill.  She would hold positions that would help each muscle group.  She took her time to find and work each area that was tender (even ones I didn’t’ know about!)  The entire process took approximately an hour and then she was kind enough to give me a short facial massage (with her hands) when she was done!  I was so relaxed when I left I couldn’t believe it.
Even though I was completely terrified going into this thanks to my lovely phobia I enjoyed this more that I thought.  I will be going back again and hopefully can break myself of the anxiety I experienced to begin with!  Oh and for the record….my left leg doesn’t hurt at all right now!!
If you are in the Michiana area give Gina a call or just visit her site here!
And she knows I am blogging about it but this is NOT sponsored in ANY way!!  She was just that good!
Now I am off to enjoy my birthday!!   


Books and fatty food!

Tuesday is my rest day.  Which worked out well last night.  First off my left leg/foot has been a little achy.  Feels like I am getting a touch of peroneal tendonitis.  this is really really not a good thing but it is slowly feeling better and has been like this for a couple weeks now.  I am trying to rest it as much as possible but still get my runs in.  I am pretty sure this stems from my severe ankle injury last summer that I have never really taken the time to strengthen and let heal properly.  I know…smart move right?  I am working on finding a PT near me that will be able to work with me to get it taken care of asap.  I am currently just waiting for them to call so I can set up the appointment.  Hopefully everything works out and I don’t have to take a bunch of time off.  That would just kill my nerves!       
A group I am involved in decided we wanted to start a monthly book club!  We already have made plans for lots of races this year (they are the ones I am running with Sunday), and we wanted to expand on that.  We want to read books that are fitness related.  We are going to read a book a month and for our March book we chose Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run.  I found this very fitting since I have been thinking about the harsh realities of running lately.  I am still very much so a positive person about running but I am not shy about putting it out there.  I have nothing to hide in running and this book is another very cool reality about that. 
I am really excited about reading new books about health and fitness each month.  I will be able to learn and explore more aspects about the fitness world and that is truly a great feeling.  Sharing this with others makes it even more beneficial.  If you would like to join in, let me know!  We will have a Facebook page specifically for this and would be happy to have more people involved!
Today I have a 5 mile run on schedule.  I am going to take it easy and make sure to foam roll my left calf and quad first.  This has been helping tremendously in not having much pain.
I have also officially decided I eat like crap.  I should do a better job but I am starting to let bad foods creep back into my diet and shouldn’t.  I am going to start making sure I am more focused on my intake. Yesterday for example, I drank around 800 calories!!!  What???  That is just not cool…but it is also not like I didn’t know what I was doing.  I willing took these in and enjoyed them more than I should have.  I used to eat very clean but I am letting my lunches get the best of me recently and need to stop!!
Notice the lack in pics…my phone is full and my camera is not charged….25 pts for blogger of the month!!      

Keepin’ it real

After a short hiatus I am back.  Life happens and then normalcy continues….

If you have the need to watch the most annoying video in the world go here.  Now I warn you, it is one of those videos that is stupid but you can’t help to watch.  So, let me know what you think!

I love reading about the success and the not so good stuff of other runners.  It makes it more real.  The more training I do for my marathon, the more I don’t want to try and sugar coat everything to sound better or seem better than it really is.  Training for a marathon is HARD.  Running is HARD, why do so many people want others to see their world as much better than it really is?  These hard parts and how you get through them are more helpful to others than the easy peasy runs/races/PR’s.  I mean those are great too but hell we are all human and I know this is easy for no one!!

With that said:

Two months from now I will be running my first marathon.  I am excited and also really starting to work on pulling myself out of the world of doubt.  It is easy to tell someone to trust their training.  It is easy to speak positively about someone else’s capabilities.  I find it much harder to trust my own training and keep myself afloat. 

It is so bad that even though I know I can run it, I am seriously doubting my ability to run a half this coming Sunday with some friends.  They are planning on running their first half and I am going to run with them.  I am going to do a decent length warm up and then finish the 17 miles I have on schedule after the race.  Why I have a fear that I won’t be able to run it is beyond me!  Stress most likely. 

I have had some very awesome runs.  I can see the improvements in time, distance, the way my body responds etc.  But I can also see the bad.  I run almost all of my runs alone.  This sucks!  I love to run with others.  So Saturday I did make D run 5 of my 15 miles with me.  We ran into town and the hubs came and picked him up.  It was nice to talk to someone while running.  I miss that.  Unfortunately, nobody is around my same training pace and distances that I know.  We are all on such different plans.  That is why Sunday will be great, running with my friends and going their pace for the half will be a great change yet will still be perfect for my training.  I think I am starting to pick myself apart while I run do to having so much time by myself to think.  Anyone else do that?

Intimidation by Numbers

My last few runs for training have been….well….educational.  I have really started the process of trying to figure out what I can do to trust that I am a better running that I let myself realize.  If you read my last race recap, I mentioned I was going to talk more about the reflection I have been doing and what I realized when I was running.
I doubt myself during almost every race I run, the longer the race the less I tend to do this.  I know I can run slower and do that for an extended period of time no problem.  But running fast?  That is where I struggle.  Not because I can’t do it, not because I am untrained, but because it hurts and I give up mentally. 

At my race Saturday my leg hurt and so I wasn’t pushing hard.  But around mile 2, just like in every other 5k I have ran in the last year.  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to just stop running and take a break (which I didn’t actually do).  Why?  I wasn’t exhausted, my legs felt fine for the most part and my breathing wasn’t too labored.  So why do I do this?  Why do I want to give up?
I have come to realize, its a numbers game with me now.  Before and by that I mean pre-Garmin.  I never had this issue.  I didn’t care what pace I was running, I didn’t care if I felt uncomfortable, I didn’t care if I was exhausted when I finished a race.  Now, I am never exhausted when I finish, I care too much about pace and I let the numbers get to me.  I let them rule my race and my training runs for that matter!!  So I am out to knock these numbers out of my life. 
This process started last night.  My plan called for 3 miles with 6 – 100m strides.  I did these on a treadmill for a purpose and it is working.  Last week I ran my strides at around 7:30 pace with the fastest being around a 7:15 pace, however after each stride I would slow down to around 10 min/mile pace instead of keeping it at 9:31ish.  This week I did the run at 9:31 pace and the last mile at 9:22 pace with the first 3 strides at 7:31, 7:18 and 7:10 pace with recovery being 9:31 pace.  The last three strides we all 6:58 pace with recovery at 9:31/9:22 pace.  I felt like I was working but not like I was pushing too hard.  The 6:58 strides were comfortable, and I could tell that I still had a lot of speed left until I would be pushing too hard.  After the first one I really had to convince myself I could do more of them at that speed.  It was the 6…it was intimidating me.  Plus, I finished 50 seconds faster than I did this week than last and didn’t feel like I over did it.
I pushed myself and made it through them all and finished the run feeling great!!!  I loved it.  I know I can do more than I am letting myself believe.  On the way home the hubs and I talked about it, he made a great point.  He asked if I watch my Garmin when I run at races.  I said “yes”, he then said why don’t you not wear it at your next race.  Now to clarify, my hubs DOES NOT run, I mean not at all.  But he is realizing that I am seeing numbers and holding myself to them.  Not just letting myself run.  I need to not fear the numbers and not be intimidated.  I am not the same runner I was a year ago or even 6 months ago.  I am also going to make sure that at my next 5 or 10 k I do not watch/wear my Garmin.  For a half or full it makes sense.  I don’t want to bonk by going out too fast, so I need to watch my pace but the shorter races are going to be different from now on.  I am not going to be intimidated and I am going to let myself grow as a runner.  I am the only thing holding me back!
Have you had an A-HA moment?
What do you do to break through the hard moments?
Do you rely on your Garmin/GPS too much?

Frosty 5k Recap

Saturday morning started off as a normal race day.  Wake up get moving, eat breakfast and make sure I have everything ready to go.  The only bit of a difference was my left knee was hurting from slipping on the ice and hitting it hard the night before. 

Left: after race, right: before race
Yes I did tan before I took the after pic!  haha!
My leg shouldn’t have that big bump!
D was coming with me so when he was ready we loaded up and headed out.  The race was about 45 minutes from my house and started at 10am.  We left around 8:15 thinking this would give us plenty of time to get there, meet up with Nikia, get warmed up and be ready for a good race.  That plan worked for about the first 10 minutes.  The wind was crazy and we had a light powdery snow on the ground which was blowing around a lot!  It made visibility less than ideal most of the drive there.
When we got there we picked up my registration packet, got D registered, met with Nikia and only had about 20 minutes left until race time!  I opted to put on my yak trax and do as much race prep as I could.  I couldn’t leave to do a actually warm up since they kept doing announcements and prerace info.  It was very cold out (about 15) so they let us know that they would lead us out to the starting line and would do a countdown from 10 then start immediately. 
Nikia and I before the race
I got in what I thought would be a good position to start and we counted down.  Since this was a small race (190 runners) I got near the front area to not get blocked in.  We were off!  Immediately after we started I had to almost stop running to avoid their cameraman!!!  Seriously!  He was standing about 20 feet away from the start right in the middle of the path!  Come on now anyone that has ever been at a race knows that is not a good place to be!  I continued on and made sure to keep my pace under control.  I didn’t know what kind of terrain we were going to be on but I knew there was snow, ice and it was on a path of some sort.  At about 150 yards in we had to turn onto a narrower path and a family…yes like mom, dad and kids were in front of me taking up the whole path!  I couldn’t get around them….so finally I had to practically yell, excuse me for them to actually move aside for me and the other runners.  Once around them I got settled in and could just run with a cautious eye for ice. 
The path turned into more of a gravel surface and the snow and ice made it a little interesting, but not hard.  Mile 1: 8:13…not too bad for this weather.  We kept going down the path and had one little bitty hill to go up and right back down the other side.  It was very slick and people were sliding around in front of me so I tried to stay on the snowiest part and use the ball of my feet since that is where my yaks have their spikes.  Then the snow got a little deeper and more uneven and the ice was more noticeable.  I could tell my pace was slowing but I would rather be safe than get hurt while in the middle of marathon training.  During the second mile my knee started aching a little so I didn’t want to push it too much anyway.  I did get to see Nikia and we swapped a high 5 while passing by each other.  The course was an out and back so the icy hill was in mile 2 twice!!  Mile 2: 8:51, not great but I would deal with it. 
Mile 3 was not a complete return on the same path.  It turned off and went around a small wooded area and the entire path was covered with ice.  I was so glad I was wearing my yaks at this point.  Mile 3: 8:41…a little better.  But we were almost done too so it wasn’t going to last much longer.  The last 100 yards or so was very clear so you could pick up the pace just a tad which was nice to let my legs loosen up!!  I could hear D yelling at me the closer to the finish I got!  I love knowing he is there waiting for me! 
When I was done, I started watching for Nikia.  We had to run right past the finish with about a half mile left, what a tease right?  I saw her coming and started cheering her on.  D headed in to warm up, since the temp was dropping fast…as soon as Nikia crossed the line we started jogging up to the building to get inside ourselves. 
D, me and Nikia post race
Final time: 26:37…considering my knee and conditions I am ok with that
AG: 2nd, happy with this but I only got second my 24 seconds…really?
Overall: 40/190…15th female
D got first  in his AG…and Nikia got a PR by somewhere around 2 minutes!!!!  With the conditions of the course I could only imagine how much faster she will be on dry pavement!
As for myself, I learned a lot during this run.  I have reflected and will be making a separate post about my A-HA moment. 
Since D got 1st in his AG I took him to get some crazy good breakfast…..Doughnuts!!!
He was laughing so hard due to me forcing this picture on him!!
Rise ‘n Roll is an Amish shop that has the best doughnuts around, full of Amish made goods.  So so good, if you are ever in Northern Indiana…this is a must!           

Running through Emotion

The reality of running my first marathon is really starting hit home.  I have a short 72 days left!  Yikes!!  My runs have been feeling really great lately apart from the occasional, tougher than it really should be run.  But those happen and I am ok with that!!

Monday I had more strides mixed in with a 3 mile run and did them at a 7:31 pace this week and could feel myself working a little harder than last week so I am glad I moved up the speed.  I did struggle with my 5 miler last night.  I had a few, I am almost in tears and can’t breathe moments, due to having a extremely stressful day and just needing to let it go.  Other than that the run was great!  I did have to really be careful when I had those bad moments, once I literally had to stop and just breathe so my chest would relax.  Yay for stress right!?  When I was done running I looked at my overall time and was like….what??!!!  That can’t be right.  But when you are on a treadmill you have to wait for it to slow down and speed up which takes up time.  I was running at either 9:40 or 9:31 pace the whole time but my average for the run ended up showing 9:55, I know better so I am ok with that too!
5 Miles…done!
I tried out some of my new gear from Wantable during my runs on Monday and Wednesday and I can say they are sooooo comfy!  I loved the feel and support they all gave me!  So glad I discovered this service!  What runner doesn’t want new clothes?  I have heard of Fabletics too but haven’t tried that one yet.   
I have been feeling much better when it comes to my energy level this week.  I have been making sure to drink my Greens every day along with taking my ThermoFit and I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago!  My energy level is up and the cravings for all things sweet are subsiding!  <–Huge deal right there, I have had a full pack of Oreos at home for a week and a half! (they usually only last about 3 days!)
More details here
If you are by chance interested in learning more about these products or That Crazy Wrap thing you have heard about you can join my team tonight for a Virtual Wrap Party!  We are also going to be talking about a new product launch that will happen March 5th and we are taking preorders now!!
Want to pre order?  Email me:
Ever had an emotional run?
Fabletics…yay or nay?
Have you tried a wrap yet?   

Run easy, paint a picture and Wantable!!!!

The treadmill and I are still at odds.  I am very sure I want the roads to stay clear so I can run outside more often and not have to worry about the traffic out where I live.  On Friday and Saturday the roads near me where still mostly covered with a snow/slush/icy mix that I just didn’t trust to run on.  I know that I would have been able to physically run on it no problem, but trusting drivers is a whole different story.  I know that people drive too fast and don’t pay enough attention.  With there not being room to get over due to the snow I prefer just to wait it out.
Friday was 4 easy miles and by easy I mean slow, very slow!  It was probably the hardest run of the week, trying to get my body to go at a slower pace is never easy.  I know I need to do this but it is still hard!!  So when it was time for my long run Saturday my legs were happy to pick up the pace!!!     
Over the weekend I tried something I have never done.  I attended a wine and canvas.  A friend of mine was supposed to go and couldn’t make it, so she offered her ticket to me and I thought heck….why not!  I found out that I am not an artist…but that is OK!!!

My little lady loved it and now has it hanging on her wall!  HA!  Jenni’s looked much better than mine!
The weekend also had a little treat in store for me!  As you know I run and runners need new running attire!  I discovered Wantable last week and just HAD to try it out.  Well, Saturday my first shipment arrived and I am in LOVE with this service!!!  It is very comparable to StitchFix but for fitness apparel!!!!  They have different types of items you can choose from (make-up, accessories, intimates and fitness apparel) and I picked what they call the Fitness Edit.  I filled out some information in regards to sizing, colors I like, styles I prefer and what I really am looking for.  A stylist then chose 5 items for me and they were delivered Saturday!!  So now let me fill you in on what I thought!
They do a great job packaging everything so it is like you received a personal gift!  Inside is your 5 items, a return label for anything you don’t like/want/need and a description of each item. 
I was sent 2 tanks, a hoodie, sports bra and a pair of capris.
I am no model but wanted you to see how well everything fit!!
The capris are by Body Language and they are a perfect fit!  I mean perfect!  I have never put on a pair of capris and liked them this much…it was weird though when I first saw them I wasn’t a fan.  It wasn’t until I put them on that I loved them.  The bra is by Climawear and it is great!  It has adjustable straps so the fit is perfect!  Both tanks are great too, the black/white is by Climawear and the Red by NUX.  They are both soft, the black/white has a built in bra while the red does not.  The hoodie is by Rebecca Michaels and so soft it is crazy.
However, no matter how soft they all are and how perfect they got the fit, I am not keeping them all.  I am returning the hoodie.  It is just not me.  I like the feel and it fits great it just isn’t something I am going to wear for any purpose at all. 
With Wantable you can send back anything you don’t want to keep at no cost to you.  If you keep all 5 you receive 30% off, if you keep 3-4, 20% off.  Being the hoodie is the only item I am returning I feel good about the investment and am super excited to get my next shipment!!!!!  Oh, I also forgot to mention, I am loving trying new brands.  Sometimes I get so stuck on what I like I forget other brands have really good stuff too!!!
I am not affiliated with Wantable…I just really liked this shipment!!!!
Have you ever done a Wine and Canvas?
Did you know about Wantable? 

New shoes and a New Opportunity!!

I love my new training plan!!!!!  Wednesday was just a 4 mile run, so I ran it at my usual 9:30ish pace and played with the treadmill to emulate rolling hills since I don’t want to get too used to this indoor running thing.  Plus I had to break in these bad boys…

On sale for $45!!!
Then yesterday, I got to do more speed work!!!
I did a one mile warm up at 9:31 pace, then started my 400 repeats.  It took a minute to figure out exactly what pace I was going to do these at.  I haven’t done 400 repeats in a really long time.  So I started at 7:47 for the first one, it felt really good hard but doable.  For the last one I bumped it up to 7:31.  Between each repeat I would do a small recovery at 10/mile pace.
The hubs came over and talked to me between my last set and my cool down.  I think I am going to have to pick the pace up the next time I do these.  While I was talking to him which was only about 2 minutes, I already had my breath back.  Like, I should feel a little more worn I guess.  I also noticed while running my left hand would regularly hit the front of the treadmill due to my creeping forward slowly.  <–sign I am capable of going faster?  I hope so!  So I hopped back on the 'mill and did my cool down at 9:22 pace.  I am going to start changing my paces a little more often so that I don't get too used to the same ol' thing all the time.  I am really thinking Lora is going to have me in tip top shape…so long as I can keep my diet under control!!
Oh, speaking of diet…..
Ok , so I have kind of become a traitor in the last week or so but you know….that is OK!!!  If you have read some of my previous post you know that I loved Shakeology.  It gave me all the vitamins I need to have me feel full and happy in the mornings plus fueled for my run.  The problem with this….money and the taste!  I hate spending over $100 each month for it.  I don’t like knowing that I am putting that much out there for a drink that doesn’t necessarily taste good without additives (pb or banana).  Which takes it from 190 calories/serving to like 400!  <–Not cool! 
So, I started thinking about what I could do that may truly make a difference to me and my life nutritionally.  I remembered something and it was a product called Ultimate Profit!  Which by the way comes in vanilla and chocolate…and they are both amazing (like milkshake good)!  I don’t know why I ever forgot this product existed.  I was first introduced to these products a few years ago by my cousin.  She has since done wonderful things for herself and others through this company.  She turned wanting to lose a little weight into a huge lifestyle change both in finance and fitness.  She lost the few pounds she wanted too, found products she believed in and now I get to share that experience with her.  The company behind it is It Works.  They have amazing products all around, I still use their fat fighters on a regular basis due to the fact I like to eat junk every now and then.  Ok more than every now and then but the Fat Fighters help remove the bad and only let in the good!  Super great for cheat meals…makes them much healthier!!!
I keep these in my desk drawer (sorry they look dirty, I work in a weld shop)
So I am bailing on shakeo!!  I am going back to the products I know work!  Oh, did I mention that Profit has like 90 less calories per serving and made from natural whole foods?  Heck yeah!!
You most likely have heard of this company and their Skinny Wraps, come on I know you have!  Take 45 minutes and Tone, Tighten and Firm those pesky areas.  You have heard right?  If not that is ok, I use these to help minimize the appearance of my stretch marks from having 3 babies and each time I lose a little more at the waist!!  I will try to remember to take pics next time I wrap so you can see the results…unbelievable!!!  Can you tell I am excited!?
If you would like more info, click on the links above or email me at
I will gladly answer any questions…I know I had some when I first heard about this stuff.
Yes, I am affiliated with them….with these benefits, why wouldn’t I be???  <–It took me about 2 years too long to figure that out. 
Have you heard of It Works?

Cancelled Race. New Plans.

I did it!  I signed up for another dad-gum race!!  The Frosty 5k is on Valentines day in a town near me if you are local to northern Indiana check it out!  The more the merrier!!!  Kind of, I am never too merry at 5k’s.  I am in a good mood and have a ton of fun but they are my least favorite race.  If you have been reading for awhile you will know it is because they hurt!!  I can run an ok time and would really like to improve that time but, they hurt!  Running fast for short periods is painful to me and I won’t deny it!!  🙂  This race is all about just having fun!  I am not out to try and break any records while in marathon training!!
Speaking of races on Sunday I was supposed to take part in a Tutu Run.  That’s right supposed to, it was cancelled due to weather.  However, this race was not a race for the fastest time, not something to go win a medal at it was for Girls on The Run.  If you don’t know about them and what they do you can check them out here.  They are a Non-Profit program that works with girls 3rd-8th grade to help build confidence through accomplishment!!  Empowering young girls?  How can you go wrong there?!

So much fun!!
Since the race was cancelled, the girls I was going to go up there with and myself all opted to put on our tutus and run anyway!  The roads to too bad for me to meet up with them but I ran local to my house.  It was…..deep!
I only made it a half mile down the road before I ran out of tracks to follow and was shin deep in snow.  I made the decision to turn around and finish my run on the dreadmill.  So I was at a total of 1 mile outside and 2.5 on the ‘mill. 
It was a no run day for me so I made sure not to push the pace and just went nice and easy.  I ended at right around 10/mile….I think.  I really didn’t pay much attention!  🙂
Since the snow came and we ended up getting a really steady snowfall for 24 hours today everything was shut down.  My hubs and I both had work cancelled!  That means being lazy and then realizing we need to hit the gym before the evening crowd gets there!  On the way to the gym we heard on the radio that our town got around 13″ of snow!     
It is pretty out with the snow though
My workout today was great!  I actually just got back awhile ago and man I loved it!!  Today was also day one of a new training plan.  If you have been reading for a bit you would know that I have already changed plans once before because I just wasn’t feeling it.  I loved my old plan but I just started to feel like it was missing something, like I needed more to hit my goals for my first marathon.  So, I ventured out and found me a run coach!!!  I am sure you guys know her…it is Lora from Crazy Running Girl!  If you don’t read her blog…you should!  She has a ton of great content that is very helpful and she is an amazing runner!  She is currently training for Boston so to take me on and help me out while she is training for that, is pretty awesome!!!      
Today I ran 3 miles and did 5 – 100 meter strides!  I ran my regular miles at 9:31 pace and the strides all at 7:47/mile.  Can you tell I was on the treadmill?  Still too much snow to do anything here!  I felt great afterward and really didn’t feel too terribly winded…I think I will push harder next time with these…it was really hard to find my stride on the ‘mill.  I have some really great workouts throughout this plan and I am really excited to get further into it.  There are a lot of runs I know will give me the confidence and fitness I need to run a great marathon!
Well, the hubs wants cookies so I am off to bake…hopefully I don’t eat them all!!!
Have you ever had a race cancel?
What was your favorite part of the weekend?
A guess at how many of his cookies I am going to eat?