Life Lessons in Cooking, Dance and Forts

My life has been a little different lately with training in full swing!  I am not going to lie, we have been living the fend for yourself lifestyle with dinner this past week.  I will help the boys make stuff and always feed my little lady the same thing I have.  <–mostly because she likes to be like me.  Last night was no exception.  When back from the gym I made some protein pancakes for me.  While eating I could smell something else cooking.  J decided to make pancakes for the first time ever!!  It was interesting!!

Making a mess and proud of it!
His first two looked a little different.  He said they tasted good so that is what counts!
He hadn’t quite figured out to just pour in one spot!!
Back to the part about me going to the gym.  A friend of mine and I went to our very first Zumba class.  I have heard of Zumba and have watched short clips of it but never really knew what it was.  So, after 45 minutes of trying to learn their routines it was over.  I have mixed feelings on it.  Since the “dances” are routines it took me time to try to learn them.  I was a fast learner and stayed with them most of the time but, I did screw up things here and there…hey, it’s ok…I am a newb!!!  I made sure that I kept moving and kept up with them throughout the class.  I didn’t find it as fun as what I would have thought it could be.  I think part of this is trying to learn the routines and not being able to just move.  Also, I didn’t find that I got a really good workout from it.  The room was very warm so I did sweat but I was not out of breath!  Is this from me having good cardio from running miles and miles?  Or did I just fail completely at the class?  There were times we would do squats and such but it still didn’t make me work hard.  I felt like I didn’t really get much out of it.  I also figure I will try it again and see if maybe it was just not knowing what I was doing 100% that made me not get what I think I should have out of this. 
After my Zumba warm up, I ran!!  Shocker right???  I was supposed to run 3 miles but cut it down to 2, it was getting late (for me anyway) and the outside of my left foot has been a little tender lately.  I can feel the tendon all the way up my leg is just really tight so I am trying to roll it out and ice it as much as possible.  It had been feeling really good but I started to feel it a little and didn’t want to push it too much.  I was happy with my little 2 miles though….9:15 pace and felt GREAT.  I actually noticed I kept getting closer to the front of the treadmill since I was naturally speeding up.  I love feeling good while running!!! 
And one last random thing for you…my kids wanted to build a fort.  I got yelled at when I turned the lights on so this is the best pic I could get!
They had about 6 blankets and a few chairs/end tables.
Do you remember learning to cook?
Have you done Zumba? Pros/Cons?
Did you build blanket forts when you were little? 
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4 thoughts on “Life Lessons in Cooking, Dance and Forts

  1. Hey, the taste of the pancakes IS what counts! I think they look great, anyway!

    I've never tried Zumba. I'm too nervous to go by myself, plus I feel like running takes care of my cardio needs. I am sure I would be totally uncoordinated. I took a line dancing class once and had trouble with their pretty simple choreography! Oy!


  2. We always built forts when we were little. We would try and sleep in them, and they would collapse!
    My mom kept us busy in the kitchen–I was SO glad she taught me to cook. I am trying to do the same with my kids. My son, though, like to grill (he is 15).

    I have done Zumba, I agree not the greatest workout, but I did get winded from laughing so hard at myself. It seemed everyone else knew the choreographed routine. It was a little out of my comfort zone! It would be fun with a bunch of girlfriends!


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