A party and relationship building

My mothers birthday was this weekend.  We ate pizza and the kids had a blast signing her 3 different versions of happy birthday.
Great pre-long run fuel!!  So good!!
Part of my family
Apparently my sister forgot how to smile!
Seriously, what is that?
Saturdays run went well.  D rode bike while I ran.  At one point he asked me “did your training plan call for 7 hilly miles?”.  No bud, no it did not.  Between the hills and the wind I think my workout was a success!!  I struggled to keep pace after the first big hill at miles 2-3 followed by another hill almost immediately.  You can see my pace slow where these hills were!  They were good for my soul though.  I went off effort level and ignored the Garmin AGAIN!  Turned out well for me! 
I remember my first 10k being slower than that!  Yay for improvements!!
Mile 1:  9:43
Mile 2: 10:00
Mile 3:  9:54
Mile 4: 10:03
Mile 5:  9:27
Mile 6:  9:37
Mile 7:  9:53
KK likes to do her dolls hair, she is actually getting quite good at it.  She loves when they are twins!
She cracks me up!  I love this girl!
We signed up for a new gym membership on Sunday, it is nice my hubs can actually work out with me now.  I got in a 1 mile run on Sunday and another mile on the elliptical along with some lower body strength training.
Monday I ran at the gym, 4 miles in the books!  The treadmill and I are getting along better but we are not bff’s just yet.
9:44 average
Which leaves me at yesterday.  I did a mile warm up at 9:22 pace and then worked on my upper body.  I was starving when we finally got home, so I made one of my favorites.
Last Week
Turkey burger, roasted broccoli and salad!
Sunday: Foam Roll done
Monday: 4 miles done
Tuesday: Rest Cardio Circuit class
Wednesday: 3 miles rest
Thursday: Strength Training  4 miles, 2 outdoor, 2 inside
Friday: 4 miles rest…my mama’s birthday got in the way!!  🙂
Saturday: 7 miles done–hilly
Total:18 miles  15 miles, short on mileage but runs felt great.
This week:
Sunday: Foam Roll done, plus 1 mile ‘mill
Monday: 4 miles done
Tuesday: Rest 1 mile
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles   
Total: 23 miles
Do you get together with your fam for birthdays?

How is your relationship with the ‘mill lately?

Turkey burger…with or without bun?  I always go without!


6 thoughts on “A party and relationship building

  1. It was sooo good! That place has the BEST pizza, the dough is made from scratch and perfect!
    I can't wait for it to warm up some!!! I guess I am only getting stronger by the mundane 'mill or freezing my a** off!
    So weird how here in winter we hide and in the summer you have too. I think that would really throw me off!


  2. That pizza… ever since I saw the picture this morning I have been CRAVING veggie pizza! I am going to have to get some tomorrow!

    That's so fun that you joined a new gym and can work out with the hubs now. I love going to the gym with Adam! The treadmill and I are on the outs right now just because the weather has been cool and I need to take advantage of that by running outside. When the summer comes around I'll be BFF with the mill again.


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