Cardio and a crooked treadmill!

Tuesday was supposed to be my off day, and instead of resting like I should have I went to a class with some of the girls!  We originally were going to take part in a Piloxing class but the instructor was out sick so we did a Cardio Circuit instead!  This class was a great mix of cardio and strength training.  There were 14 stations and we did 4 sets x 20 sec reps at each station.  For the last 15 minutes of class we did core work on stability balls.  I enjoyed this class and am looking forward to doing more things like this soon!

R to L: Me, Jade, Kari (front) and Jenni!
When we were done with class Kari and I hit up the sauna for a little bit!  It was nice to just relax!!  Once I finally made it home I did the one thing that you should never do as a runner/athlete.  I took a shower, skipped dinner and went to bed!  Yep, I skipped dinner.  I was just too tired to make anything.  I wake up at 2:30am and by the time I was done in the shower and hair was dried enough to sleep in it was almost 10pm!!!  Yep, that is late enough, 4.5 hours of sleep and I just don’t get along well anymore! 
Yesterday was in a world of its own and the first day I had to just give in to not running!  This was not a choice I wanted to make so I am going to make up for that missed run today.  How this happened was just crazy!  First, when I got home it was very foggy out, since I live in the country I decided I would just run on the ‘mill so I didn’t’ have to worry about not being visible.  So, when I got on my treadmill and started my warm up I noticed it was moving with each step!  Not just a little but almost a rocking action.  My hubs moved it on Sunday and didn’t get it level.  So a not level treadmill that I can’t move and get level on my own was not working for me.  I felt unstable and not good about it so I called it quits for that idea.  I headed out to see if the fog had lifted and it was already dark!  SERIOUSLY!!  This just sucked!  It was too late to drive 25 minutes to the gym so I just said screw it!  I did make this though instead!
Best tutu pose I could get!
The girls from our running group are all participating in The Tutu Run for Girls on the Run on February 1st!  So this definitely needed to be done anyway! 
My snack yesterday was awesome too….only a runner would think that this looks appetizing.  I personally thought my poo looking almond butter tasted amazing!!
Yes, it looks like poop.
Then of course there was this.
The struggle is real!
Delivered to my office for me to babysit.  Seriously??  I am in the middle of training for a marathon and trying to be all healthy so you set 9 boxes of Thin Mints next to my desk????  Talk about testing my will power!
Have a great Thursday!!
What is your favorite class to take? I am a newb at these so I don’t know yet!! 
Have you ever done a tutu run? First for me!
Favorite girl scout cookie?  thin mints, hands down!


8 thoughts on “Cardio and a crooked treadmill!

  1. Ha love the cookies. I'd go all #overit someone come get these RIGHT NOW. You need more sleep lady! Skipping workouts for more sleep is probably a better idea anyway so don't feel guilty about missing some runs.


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