Running, spin and a trash talking Garmin!

Yesterday was great!  Even though when I got out of work I had to rushed around to try and get my 4 miles in before my spin class….needless to say…that just did not happen!
Buuuuuuuttttttt, I had just enough time to get in 2 miles before class and I am actually really happy with that!  I was running inside so I had to keep track of my own splits but….they were good, at least I think so! 
Mile 1: 8:38, Mile 2: 9:31 (slowed down to talk to a friend I ran into <–HA!  I didn't really run into her though just next to).  I had enough time to stretch out the legs and hips before hopping on a bike and warming up!

Worst pic ever!  Class was over, I had to do something! 😉
During spin I worked up a much bigger sweat than last week but still wasn’t really loving the class itself.  The workout I love love love!!!  I am going to try a spin class at another gym and see how that works out for me.  I hope its just the environment I don’t like!  45 minutes and a pint of sweat later, I was heading back to finish my 4 miles for the day! 
After my 3rd mile…Nikia’s 4th!
The first one I did, Nikia was running too so I stuck with her for a 10:40 split and then I relaxed and let my pace pick up a little.  Mile 4 ended at 8:28!!  I felt awesome too!  I wasn’t worn out or feel like I needed to lie down and not move for 30 minutes!  That means I was successful…at least to me it does!
I stretched out a little, seriously just a little, I need to get better at that.  Then headed home.  By the time I was at the house I was starving!!!!  I started making K and I turkey burgers and broccoli when BOOM!  My Garmin started talking shit!
Are you freakin’ KIDDING ME?!?!
Seriously, I just ran 4 miles did a 45 minute spin class and you are going to tell me to MOVE!  I don’t think so!!  I took it off and haven’t put it back on yet!
Today is a rest day for me so I am being a good girl and going to a Piloxing class??  Don’t know what it is or what they do so heck why not!!??  I am loving this cross training! 
I will try to do better on the pics today with this class, I kind of get into the working out part and forget that sharing is caring!
This week:
Sunday: Foam Roll
Monday: 4 miles done and 45 minutes spin
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 miles race pace
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 7 miles   
Total: 18 miles
Do you have an app/watch other health related item that talks crap to you?
Have you ever taken piloxing?
What did you have for dinner last night?


10 thoughts on “Running, spin and a trash talking Garmin!

  1. Jeeze running and spinning in one day just sounds exhausting. I went to the gym yesterday morning and did an hour of bootcamp strength work and then ran in the evening and I could really tell my body was tired. It just felt hard to keep to my normal paces. But all good training I suppose!
    Dinner last night was a really tasty homemade slow cooked sweet potato soup. So good.


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