Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday, I went for a 9 mile run and it was beautiful!!!  The weather was perfect!  High 30’s, sunny and roads were clear!  Heading out I decided to do a 4.5 out and back run on a road that had a nice mixture of hills and flats. 

For my longer runs I have been trying to stay around 10:30-11 minute miles.  My first mile felt good and was in the right pace zone.  I was really struggling staying at a slower pace and started to wonder what I would run like if I just stopped watching my Garmin.  So that’s what I did.  I turned it to show only overall time and distance and ran by feel alone. 
Around mile 1 and 8
Love running this road!
I ran so that I felt comfortable and like I was going just a little too slow.  I also made sure that I walked through the “water stops”.  Which I did approximately every two miles.  This is what I am planning on doing for my marathon so this is how I am going to train.  On the way out I felt great!  When I turned around I noticed how windy it had become and had to work just a little harder.  Ok, a lot harder!  There were points where I felt like I was standing still!  But like I know I am supposed to I tried to just go with it, I didn’t fight the wind, I just ran.  By my splits, it worked out for me but man!  I was really not liking it at ALL!!
Almost done!
Not too bad!
Here are my splits.
After my run was over I took the opportunity to foam roll and treat myself to a little reward of Organic Vanilla Bean ice cream with Salted Caramel Sauce!  It was delish!! 
No it is not on the counter…I have clear glass bowls
Sunday all I did was foam roll and hang out with my family!  My training is going well so far but I have been just short on my mileage both weeks.  But not by much and I am also doing extra workouts each week for cross training so I am ok with it!
Last week:
Sunday: Foam Roll done
Monday: 3 miles done plus 45 minutes spin
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4 miles hills done 3.8 miles
Thursday: Strength Training  3.7 miles on indoor track
Friday: 4 miles strength training
Saturday: 9 miles   done
Total: 20 miles  19.5 miles

This week:
Sunday: Foam Roll
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 miles race pace
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 7 miles   
Total: 18 miles
How was your weekend?
Do you like anything on your ice cream or just plain?
Did you have a long run this weekend?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I'm signed up for the Glass City Half in Toledo on 4/26 and then doing the Kalamazoo Half the following weekend. I looked hard at that Portage half that you are signed up for but I'm a little nervous about ice potential. Yesterday I ran my 45 minutes up and down my street because it was the only non-icy road near me.


  2. I'm not a huge ice cream fan (though salted caramel sauce could change that) but I love vanilla ice cream with a hot dense chocolatey pudding or cake. Balances SO well.
    Nice work on the training!


  3. I've noticed that those runs by feel always turn out great. I tend to not focus on pace so everything comes a little more natural. My weekend was brutal, don't go out and run a half marathon after taking a week off from running, does not go well.


  4. Great job on the run! That road looks similar to one that I run on occasion. Very pretty. 7-miler was my long run this week. Today is the first day of training for my first half of the season – so glad to be under a training schedule again.
    My ice cream had a fresh out of the oven brownie underneath it yesterday!


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