Hills don’t go anywhere…they wait!

Making the most out of marathon training is not always the easiest thing to do.  It takes planning, consistency, giving your all and most importantly time.  You have to have time to run, to strength train and to rest.  At this point in the year, the sun is down by 6pm.  So you can probably imagine my worry when I knew I had a hill workout to do and didn’t get home until after 4pm!
I walked through the door and started grabbing all my stuff.  Then D decided he wanted to go to, he wanted to get outside and run!  We haven’t been able to do this lately as the weather hasn’t been ideal for outdoor running here in my little corner of Indiana.  It has been warm enough but since I live where there are no sidewalks, running on the roads when they are snow covered isn’t the smartest thing.  So I have avoided it!  But lets me honest who wants to do a hill workout on the ‘mill…NOT THIS GIRL!!!! 
It was almost 5 before we were out the door but we had our lights and we had about 45 minutes until is was dark out.  My training plan called for 4 miles of hills.  Not hill repeats but a run that had lots of hill incorporated into it.  I have just the place for this near my house.  Three miles down the road there is a lake that has a perfect 5k loop going around it and hills of all sizes.  Low grade hills, steep hills, short hills and long hills.  The entire loop is hills, there are only a couple of places when you are actually running on level ground.

Ready to Go!
We started off on the south side of the lake and took off.  The roads were mostly snow covered but they don’t have much traffic around here so I wasn’t too concerned.  Plus, D and I both had our YakTrax on.
Much needed traction!
We got to a section about 3/4 of a mile in where two hills met.  So know we needed 4 miles not just 3.1 we did some repeats.  We would go down the first hill straight into running hard up the second, turn around and repeat going down the one we just went up and up the one we came down.  These were some serious hills so it hurt in a really good way!! 
D almost at the bottom of one of the hills
After we did 6 complete loops (12 total uphills) we moved on.  Every time we came to an uphill we would push harder.  We weren’t giving 100% but a hard effort.  Then we would back off to an easy pace while going downhill, I was trying to make sure my form was good.  I am trying to stop my heel strike habit.  I am not going to lie there were a couple hills that hurt so good I took a few walking steps once we were at the top!  D was making me work for it, his young legs were doing a great job of pushing me along. 
hills, hills, hills
At one point my Garmin lost signal but D’s didn’t so I lost a half mile but after checking out his we ended with this.
3.8 miles
36:01 minutes
9:28 average pace
For my first hill workout plus the road/footing conditions I am happy with this.  I know that I was pushing 7something pace going up most of the hills and slowed it way down to recover between them.  Near the end I am sure my pace dwindled though and that is OK!
On another note…Got another Ipsy bag yesterday also!
Do you like hill training?  How do you run them?
How are the road conditions where you live?
Have you tried Ipsy?

10 thoughts on “Hills don’t go anywhere…they wait!

  1. I also did hills yesterday! I think my favorite part of running hills is the afterburn. For me, running them doesn't hurt so bad when I'm actually running, but when I got home last night and stretched out – wow! – I could really feel the burn in my glutes.


  2. Hills are such a good workout build strength in your legs. They hurt like hell but are so effective. I have two really good hills near me and I would run up and down them over and over like 4 times, making up about 4 miles in total (this includes a good warm up distance and warm down distance too).


  3. Agree with Kristina, that is a great pace on hills. I love hill workouts, I feel like they are killing me which is going to make me stronger on flat runs. I typically run the hills against recommendation, I run the climbing sections hard then coast on the flats and downhill. I feel like I get a better workout.


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