My Five

What do you do when you have a non-running day during marathon training?  For me this was a hard question to answer,  I struggle with it.  I want to run.  It feels good to run.  However, I need the rest too.  So since I can’t seem to get running out of my head ever (the addiction is real folks), I wanted to play a little game called “Who, What, When, Where and Why” Let me preface this with the fact I am always looking at anything running and that makes me happy!  So I have random thoughts like this go through my head ALL the time!!

If you could pick one person to run/train with for a day WHO would it be? 
Deena Kastor…umm….because she is amazing!!!  I would love to be able to talk to her one on one and have her there to motivate me.  I can’t imagine how much harder I would run with a pep talk from her!!  Seriously, is just awesome!  And I am jealous of her awesomeness!  🙂

When you started running WHAT was the first “real runner” item you purchased? 
This took a couple of minutes for me to remember but, it was Body Glide!  I remember getting it and telling D…see now that I am a real runner I have to prevent chafing!!  haha!!!  The funniest part about this to me is the fact that I hardly ever use it!!  On rare occasion I will put some on but other than that it just sits there with all of my “stuff”.
WHEN was your first race?  Mine was May 24, 2014…you can read about it here.  I don’t know if I will ever have the same emotions after a race as I did this one.  EVER!
If you could race anywhere in the world WHERE would it be?
I would run The Great Wall!!  OMGracious!  Need I say more?
You started running for a reason right?  WHY? 
When I quit smoking, I didn’t want to be that person that went back to it.  So I decided I would run a half marathon.  I signed up and booked a hotel.  Now, I was invested.  I had to run or I was losing money and letting myself down.  Don’t get me wrong, I ran when I was younger too, so I knew what I was getting myself into.  But it all boils down to me not want to be “that girl”.  The one that was all ‘hey I quit’ and two weeks later going back to the same stuff.  I can honestly say that me starting to run again was one of the best decisions I have ever made!
What is your who, what, when, where and why?


10 thoughts on “My Five

  1. I could have guessed Scott for you…I see a trend in your posts! 🙂
    OMGracious the Hardrock would be so….hard! Why a pipedream…you are young and have already tackled 26 miles…plus you are pretty determined! Lots of time to make this happen (then you have to make the lottery).


  2. I am the same way with Body Glide! It mostly just sits with all my other stuff. The only time I really use it is before a long run or a race.

    Who – Scott Jurek
    What – Running shoes!
    Where – Hardrock 100 in Colorado! This is just a pipedream though 🙂
    When – A 5K on Feb. 2, 2013
    Why – I started doing Couch to 5K a bit on a whim “just because” and I had to cap off training with an actual race!


  3. Nice post! Congrats on quitting smoking!

    Who – Lauren Fleshman, because she's awesome
    What – Running shoes, although I found out later they actually aren't running shoes (despite me specifically asking the guy at the sports store for running shoes), they're just trainers
    Where – I honestly don't know. Too many places to choose from. I'm gonna say the Grand Canyon. No reason. Just totally random.
    When – a 5K on October 13, 2013 (I did a Color Run a couple months before, but I walked most of it so that doesnt really count)
    Why – I wanted to challenge myself and prove I could do it


  4. Congrats on breaking up with the cigarettes!;) I quit after my first run because my breathing was so bad haha 🙂

    Who: Samantha Gash.
    What: “Real runner” item? Uhm.. What is not a real runner item? I guess I can say my treadmill haha 🙂
    When: March 29, 2014 in Germany.
    Where: this is so hard, I want to run everywhere! Anywhere that's not Europe haha, I want to race in America or Africa! 🙂
    Why: because I wanted to be healthy, I didn't plan on getting so obsessed with running – it just happened. My first run was so bad and I felt like shit so I just knew I wanted to improve, and here I an today – 2 half marathons and 1 marathon later, haha!


  5. Who – Sage Canaday, the hills would be epic
    What – Real running shorts, ask I had was basketball shorts.
    Where – Spain for the Transvulcania ultra.
    When – First race was December 2013
    Why – Had to keep up with the wife, she started running and I couldn't sit by and watch.


  6. Cool post!
    My who would be Mo Farah. But my fast pace would be his recovery run haha!! I'd also like to see what he does in the gym in terms of strength training…oh to be a fly on the wall!
    My first race was a 5k with Ben. We were going to the gym and just keeping fit. I ran on the treadmill and thought a race might be fun. It was probably a year later I actually started running properly outside and considered myself a runner.


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