Spin and cookies: A perfect combination!

First up….have you watched this????  I love love love it!!

I completed my first spin class last night!  It was awesome and now my ass hurts!!  🙂  Ok, in all seriousness it really isn’t that sore but I can tell I spent 45 minutes on a bike which my body is NOT used too at all!!  I really liked spin….a lot! I can see it becoming a new addiction!  I loved doing something that made my muscles work and my body sweat without all the pounding on my joints!  Terra the spin instructor started off having us do some climbs seated and standing, moved into standing runs and seated sprints.  We did things like this for the first 20 minutes in 45 second – 2 minute intervals.  For the second half of class we did the same thing using a higher resistance.  If I were to change anything about the class it would have been the music.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t very loud, and it wasn’t really ‘pump you up’ type of music.  It was more of a background noise to me.  I would have liked it to be more upbeat and really something that makes you want to work out.  I have also heard a lot of places change lighting while running the spin class…is this true?  If so that would be awesome.  This place doesn’t do that. 
I wore my HR monitor so I could see how many calories I burned during class.  I was pretty surprised at the results.  Not bad!  Total time: 43 minutes, Calories burned: 480!! 

See that sweat?  I was working hard!
When I got done with spin, it was time to run!  As much as this seemed ridiculous to some of my friends, just because I did another workout doesn’t mean I can skip any training runs.  This run was so worth it!!!  A friend of mine, Nikia, had met me at the gym for spin class and was going to run with me.  So after spin we took a short break to hydrate, both drank a PocketProtein to help refuel, and stretched out so we could stay loose for our run!  And holy moly am I glad we did!!!! 
We started off at a decent pace, at a half mile, I asked Nikia if she wanted to push the first mile!  She said lets do it.  The result of that push???  Nikia PR’d her mile time and hit 9:37!  How awesome is that?!?!  A 45 minute spin class, then a mile PR, and then 2 more miles!!!  We finished our 3 miles at 32:34, with an average of 10:51/mile. 
And we are done…I tried to get the guys in the back to smile!
When I finally got home I was starting to get a little bit hangery!  What do you do if you are hangery…you make a giant salad and a sweet potato!!!  I can’t tell you how well this hit the spot!  Belly full, happy me!!
Yummy!!  So stinkin’ good!!!
I also discovered these yesterday and I love them.
I love all things sweet potato!
And I made these cookies…pre-packaged of course, because after a workout….I am not about to bake!!!  They are now my favorite.  At 150 calories each I am going to have to spin daily!
Seriously a marshmallow stuffed cookie??  Yes, please!  I will take the whole package!
Have you taken a spin class?  What was your favorite part?
What is your favorite after workout dinner?
Do you use an HRM? 

10 thoughts on “Spin and cookies: A perfect combination!

  1. I used to go to a spin class that I loved that was 45 minutes of spinning and then 45 minutes of yoga. It was in the evenings and was always such a great end to the day.


  2. What an awesome workout! Did you buy special spin shoes? There is a spin bike in my new gym, but I haven't tried it out yet because the pedals look a bit weird and I've heard you need to use special shoes with it.

    Congrats to your friend PR'ing her mile time!!! Woot!


  3. I have a love-hate relationship with spin… it is a great workout but mentally I find it tough. It's not like running where you can let your mind wander, you have to be in it and focused which I find quite hard. But I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


  4. That's a good workout right there, doubling up uses different muscles which helps a ton. That after workout meal doesn't look anything like my choices, I usually like big and greasy after a workout lol. I've never taken a spin class but the wife has and she really enjoyed it.


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