Eating tacos, an octopus and a few bears!

Friday, the girls I have been running with had a little get together.  We ate tacos, talked about races and laughed a lot!  Also, for whatever reason, I took NO PICTURES!!  Seriously, great blogger over here!  Group gathering and not one photo to had.  Whoops!  🙂  But I can assure you, if you think about a group of women sitting around a table laughing, that was us!  I think I am going to have a very fun, very full, racing calendar this year!!

Saturday I ran on the ‘mill again.  Although it was torturous I did it and it felt good.  I only used .5 incline as I don’t want to get used to always being on 1.  Total was 7 miles….thank goodness for Netflix.  I discovered Gilmore Girls….not bad.  I almost made it through 2 episodes before finishing my run!  It was very distracting! 
10:52/mi total 7 miles…right on target!
I also discovered these….they are incredible.  Try them!
Huge and super yummy!  My kids did good!
I also had these!  Got to love having kids!
Green is my favorite!!
Overall my week of marathon training went well!  I switched 2 days around but was within a half mile of my mileage so its going according to plan and my body is feeling good.  I really think having a day dedicated to foam rolling is awesome!!  Plus, only running 4 days a week and using the other days to work on my body is nice.  I am running well yet not hurting due to overuse!!   
Sunday: Foam Roll                         
Monday: 3 miles: done 10:14/mile                            
Tuesday: Timed mile: only ran 1/2 mile due to weather                          
Wednesday: 3 miles race pace: done 9:33/mile (little slower but progression run)           
Thursday: Strength Training: Did 4 miles on indoor track with friend, approx. 11/mile               
Friday: 4 miles:  Took day off for dinner with girls                                     
Saturday: 7 miles LSD: done                        
Total: 18 miles   actual mileage: 17.5
This week:
Sunday: Foam Roll
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4 miles hills
Thursday: Strength Training
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 9 miles   
Total: 20 miles
Tonight before my run I am going to attend my first spin class.  Super excited about it and hope I get to run on tired legs tonight.  It always makes me feel a little stronger when I get to do that!!
How many times a week do you foam roll?  I usually do about every other day.
What race are you training for right now?  Rock and Roll Nashville for me!
What color is your favorite gummy bear? 


7 thoughts on “Eating tacos, an octopus and a few bears!

  1. I used to be super good about foam rolling. I'd put on some tv and roll around for a solid 15 minutes or so. Not anymore… I'm feeling pretty tight and generally icky, so maybe I'll do some of that today. It always makes me feel better.

    My favorite gummies are the 12 flavor ones you can get at Martin's. They're made by an Indiana company so my friend and I went to the factory for her birthday. It was like kid heaven (she was turning 28, lol).


  2. It's kind of refreshing to have a great night out with friends and never think to pause and take a pic…because it means you just had fun!

    I try to foam roll daily but I've been slacking lately!


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