It is sub zero and I lost my gum!!

It is getting colder up here in Northern Indiana and the treadmill is slowly becoming a necessity.  Marathon training is important and I need to make sure I am not missing any runs unless absolutely necessary.  For those of you that don’t know, I live in the middle of no where!  The closest towns to me are 20 minutes away and so when I run, I am out on country roads.  These are great hilly roads that are awesome to run when the weather is nice but, in the winter they are slick and not worth the risk of being hit.
On top of being snowy and icy here, it is now getting very frigid.  I ran on the treadmill last night due to poor roads and this:

More negative temps!!
On a good note, my run went really well.  I had a 3 mile run on the schedule and ended up doing a progression run.  I started slower at about 10 min pace then moved to 9:33 pace for the rest of the first mile.  Mile 2 at 9:23 pace and went 9:12 pace for mile 3.  It felt GREAT!!  I finished up at 28:39 which is a 9:33/mile average.  Not too bad considering I was struggling on Monday just to hold a 10:13/mile average.  This is one of the things I love about running.  You have your bad days and then you come back to have a good run!!  The best part about last nights run is know I could have went faster!  I am sticking with the plan though, I WILL NOT risk injury by pushing too hard.  My first marathon is to be about completing the distance not going for some crazy time!!
Oh and a quick side note about my run…I have to chew gum when I run, I don’t know why but I have to or I feel like I will die!  lol!  So when I was like 4 minutes into my run I swallowed my gum!  Yep just like some little kid!  So I had to make a quick stop to grab some more to keep going!  I also do not listen to music when I run but being the ‘mill sucks so much, I did and it helped so so so much!!  I had some great tunes at an unacceptable volume kicking and had a blast!  🙂
Another great thing about running inside….wearing capris!!  I love being able to wear shorts/capris when I run!!  These are Graced By Grits Land and Sea Knickers!  Love them!!!
When I got done with my run tonight I was supposed to do day 3 of my 30 day Challenge but I failed!!  Yep, I didn’t do it!  Day 3!!  But I had a great run and just really didn’t want to push myself harder than what I really should.  I need to make sure I make smart choices and this felt right.  Plus, I worked up quite a good sweat running!  This was in part to the fact I have a space heater right next to my treadmill and had it on!!  lol!!
Sweaty mess!
I did come across a lot of motivational sayings here last night.  This is one I liked.
And one last weather related photo from this morning!!
Yep!  Nice right?
What has to happen for you to run on the treadmill?
When was your last bad run?
Favorite motivational quote?

14 thoughts on “It is sub zero and I lost my gum!!

  1. Treadmill…I have to be really, really desperate. Like, hubs-out-of-town-and-the-kids-don't-have-school desperate. Otherwise, I'm outside. This morning the “feels like” temp was -22. I don't have the country roads to worry about, only the cold, which isn't really a problem with the right gear.


  2. WOWOWOWOW! That weather! I can't believe that's real! I would definitely be running on the treadmill too!

    I love the good run / bad run dynamic too. You always know after a bad run you're probably going to have a really good one which makes suffering through the bad one not so bad!


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