Hurt so Good!

Day one is over for my 30 day Challenge!!!  Let me tell you right now that yesterday I was exhausted!  After a full day of work getting home and working out is always a great feeling but yesterday was just rough!! 
I am not sure what is was but my body was just really struggling!  I am thinking part of it had to do with being inside on the dreadmill!  Yesterday I was just to run 3 miles.  According to McMillian I should be doing my easy runs at 9:42-10:38 based on a 26:30 5k time (which also ends up at a 2:02 half which is what I ran in October).  This is not my PR but is something I can run right now.  So when I started running yesterday I set the ‘mill to 10 min/mile and took off.  At about 1.5 miles I had to slow it down for a few minutes!!  It was really discouraging but my legs were just not with me!  I felt like I was really struggling even though it was an easy pace!  I picked the pace back up at mile 2 and held on until I was done!  Why does running on the ‘mill always seem like it takes forever!!  I ended up averaging a 10:13 pace to finish at 30:41. 
Next up, Insanity Max:30 day 1!  The first video is more of a fitness test than anything.  Shaun T pushes you hard to see when you will Max out!  In other words, you go until you can’t anymore!  Every 5 minutes you get a 30 second water break and then move right into another circuit!  I LOVED IT!!!  I maxed out at 13:03 (first time I quit)!  My legs were on fire after the first few minutes but I kept pushing!  It was the hardest workout I have done in awhile and I felt the burn!!!

I wasn’t going to tell you guys about this but what the heck!  So, while I was doing this video my body hurt so bad that I quit 4 times!  I mean literally said “I quit!!!!” walked off and then turned right back around and started in again!  I also kept saying really stupid stuff when I would feel the burn really deep in my legs!  My husband was cracking up listening to me, so I had to give him the “I know where you sleep, don’t mess with me” look a few times!  Then when I was done I laid down in the middle of the floor and didn’t move for a least 5 minutes….D took a photo!
I think my dog was concerned, he wouldn’t move until I got up!!
The best part about this was that I felt better when I was done with the 30 minutes!  My body was finally agreeing with me!  I immediately mixed up a glass of Results and Recovery formula which I realized I am almost out of, and drank it within the first 30 minutes of being done.  I have always drank this after workouts like this due to my lovely sister that got me hooked on it in 2011.  She got it with a program she was doing and let me try some!!  So glad she did!!  R & R replaces glycogen and protein!  So after intense exercise it is the way to go!  Plus, it is a yummy orange flavor so it hits the spot!!
I took a shower, ate dinner and was still feeling a little tight in the legs.  So I sat my rear down and stretched!  Long, slow stretches that felt oh so good!!!
Best part about it….I am not sore today!!!!  Whoohooo!!!  I don’t know how but I am not at all!!!  I know part of it is the R&R and some has to be the stretching but holy moly, I feel great!!!
Ready for day 2 tonight!!!  Who wants to join me???
Do you use McMillian?
How far do you push yourself when working out? 

Have you ever used R & R??


12 thoughts on “Hurt so Good!

  1. That is so awesome! What are you trying? R&R is super good, it is orange flavored. Kind of like Sunny D but smoother and not tangy at all…does that make sense??? I love it, and if you buy the tub you get a ton! Plus you can always mix it to the strength you prefer! But since I have a hard time eating after intense workouts this has been my lifesaver many times in the last few years.


  2. I like having the small guideline you get from McMillian. If I am not in those zones I am ok with it but at least I know on average what I am looking for and that takes some of the stress of training off, for me at least.
    7 miles?!?!?! I am really hoping I don't have to end up doing something like that!! I have plenty of long runs to get through this winter yet!! fingers crossed!


  3. Thanks Cindy! You would think running would be easier when you have a belt helping you out but NOPE!! haha!
    I am running the Kal-Haven trail relay on 4/11 and RNR Nashville on the 25th. I had looked at Gazelle Girls and know some people that might be running, if I go I will just be cheering them on since it is on the 19th.


  4. Nice job on the insanity! I have started to use McMillan more. I didn't used to, I used to just look up my paces out of curiosity but in the end I would just do what I felt like. Now I try to let it guide me more. I think there is a balance to be had – it's good advice but you should always do what feels right for you on any given day.

    Treadmill running is mentally tough. I try to only use the mill for speedwork – it's really not as bad when you're doing intervals. I once did 7 miles on the treadmill during marathon training. NEVER AGAIN.


  5. I get what you mean by “dreadmill”. My pace always seems so labored and slower on the treadmill versus being outside. Not sure why. Good job for not giving up!
    Do you have a race for April yet? Grand Rapids has one called Gazelle Girls. Did it last year – nice course.


  6. I thinkour body struggles from time to time during training especially after those long days at work, it happens. But you fought through which is the most important. After one of those workouts I always feel better when I'm relaxing after a good meal and hot shower. I don't push much, I'm a big baby and usually just pack it in for the day lol.


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